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Social Emotional Learning - Every Day

We call it "Advocacy" instead of "Homeroom"
It's still a home base for students as well as a time to build supportive relationships with their peers and with an adult they can trust. It is a time for everyone to feel recognized and welcomed into the school community.
  • Every student in the building begins the day in an Advocacy Circle. In Circle, we greet one another and check in so that every student is seen, heard, affirmed and valued. Advocates use this time of the day to gauge where our students are at socially and emotionally so they can comprehensively meet their needs. 
  • During this daily block, students meet with their faculty Advocate to engage in relevant activities that support their social and emotional growth, career readiness, and academic success. These sessions provide students with opportunities for positive peer interaction, life skills development, and coaching to overcome educational, personal, and social barriers to educational attainment. A successful Advocacy program is a powerful tool for creating a positive school culture where our whole community can succeed.