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Whole Child Education is central to our Mission and Vision at Westgate. Whole Child Education at Westgate combines Social Emotional Learning (SEL), Physical Education, and Environmental Education to provide a foundation for all students to thrive.

Advocacy Scope and Sequence 




School Wide Theme:  

Coping with Transition and Change  


Possible Sub Topics: 

Schooling during COVID-19 

Embracing Ambiguity  

Relationship/ Team Building 

Academic Tools 


Learning Goal(s) 

Students will connect with their Advocacy classes and Advocacy teachers during Orientation to build relationships and establish community and classroom expectations.  


Students will develop skills related to resiliency and flexibility in the face of challenge and change.  





School Wide Theme 

Self-Care and Mindfulness  


Possible Sub Topics: 

Mindfulness Practice  

The Role of Routines  

Sleep Hygiene and Body Hygiene  

The Power of Food 

Hobbies and Activities that Bring you JOY 


Learning Goal(s) 

Students will develop an understanding of how self-care and mindfulness benefit their overall wellness, especially during challenging times.  


Students will learn how mindfulness practice, routines, schedules, sleep, nutrition, exercise and positive hobbies and activities help create self-care habits.  







School Wide Theme:  

Using Your Voice and Bullying Prevention  


Possible Sub Topics: 

What is Bullying?  

Being an Upstander 

Using your Voice to Advocate  

Setting Boundaries  


Learning Goal(s) 

Students will build skills that encourage them to confidently use their voice to advocate for their own needs and the needs of others. Students will gain tools which will empower them to use their voice and become upstanders. 


Students will learn what bullying is and is not, they will learn specific ways that they can stand up to bullying, and they will also learn how to prioritize kindness.  





School Wide Theme:  

Won’t you be my neighbor?” 


Possible Sub Topics: 

Service Learning 

What does it mean to be a part of community? 

Respect for self, others, and surroundings 

Building a culture of trust and support 

Belonging and acceptance  


Learning Goal(s):  

Students will have the opportunity to define “community” and explore how our individual identities impact the various communities in which we belong.  






School Wide Theme:  

Gratitude and Optimism  



Possible Sub Topics: 

Cognitive shifts – change your brain!  

Giving Thanks 

Glass Half Full Thinking  

Daily Practice and Habit Building  


Learning Goal(s): 

Students will understand optimism – what is it and why is it important? Students will examine their own mindsets and actively practice optimism.  


Students will learn about the importance of gratitude, they will practice gratitude every day throughout the month, and they will research the science of habit building, with the goal of creating habits for daily gratitude.  



Second Semester  




Westgate aims to be responsive and relevant as the educational landscape globally continues to evolve during this school year. We will announce school wide themes and SEL topics for second semester at the beginning of January.  


If there is an SEL topic that you feel would benefit our community, don’t hesitate to submit your ideas to the Director of Whole Child Education, Amanda Novak at 







What is Advocacy?

Advocacy classes are first and foremost a time for students to build supportive relationships with their peers and with an adult they can trust. It is a time for everyone to feel recognized and welcomed into the school community, even the virtual one! During this daily block, students meet with their faculty Advocate to engage in activities that support their social and emotional growth, career readiness, and academic success. These sessions provide students with opportunities for positive peer interaction, life skills development, and coaching to overcome educational, personal, and social barriers to educational attainment. A successful Advocacy program is a powerful tool for creating a positive school culture where our whole community can succeed. Please see the 2020-2021 SEL Themed Advocacy calendar above. We hope to develop our themes around relevant and important topics, so please don't hesitate to reach out if you feel that we are missing something important. 

Why do we call it "Advocacy"?

Our longtime partner, Generation Schools NetworkTM, has intentionally chosen the word "Advocacy" to describe this program. We believe the term Advocacy embodies the true goal, a program driven by facilitators who effectively advocate for their students and teach students how to advocate for themselves. Teachers are called "Advocates" to represent the proactive role they play in empowering their students to build positive futures.