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Calling All Volunteers! JA in a Day is coming January 25th!

Calling All Volunteers! JA in a Day is coming January 25th! Thumbnail Image
Kids believe they can be whatever they want when they grow up. And they’re right. But getting there isn’t always easy. No matter what your profession, your life experience and determination has prepared you to serve as a role model — not just to your children, but to their peers too.  Junior Achievement (JA) is partnering with Westgate to provide vital enrichment programs to students. In order for your school to take advantage of this exciting opportunity, we need your help to facilitate one of JA’s proven programs.   As a JA volunteer, you will use your life experience to become a role model for local students, teaching them about the “economics of life,” and helping them understand the fundamental connection between school and success.    You do not need any special financial skills or knowledge in order to volunteer. JA provides you with everything you need to be successful in the classroom. Volunteers receive training on how to use JA’s hands-on curriculum, and the teacher is there with you for support.  Contact Amanda Novak at Amanda.Novak@westgateschool.org to sign up!

What Time Is It?? It’s Enrollment Time!!

What Time Is It?? It’s Enrollment Time!! Thumbnail Image
Do you have incoming siblings? Do you know someone that would thrive in our gifted community? Did you share your student’s success story with other potential families?
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Principal's Corner

Dear Westgate Families,
A brand new look has come to Westgate!
A Logo says so much about an organization.  It being our tenth year of operation, we believe it's time for a fresh look that speaks to design elements and meaning of our founders.
What the logo means:
The three sides of the triangle represent our values.   The Child, Family and School partnership and Gifted Education for the Whole Child - Mind, Body and Community

The mountains represent our place in the world.

The W is for Westgate - Welcoming Exceptional Students to Gifted and Talented Education.

The gradation of blue represent the change and evolution that happens to each child through education.  It represents the realization of one's Best, Whole Self.

Blue was chosen because we believe the sky is the limit for each child we serve.
Our hope is that this new representation of Westgate resonates with you, our community.
Thank you for being a part of this great vision of what education can be for kids.  This is an exciting time of growth and blossoming into our best "Westgate Self".
Sharon Collins 
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