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Oct 25


Time: 5 PM – 7 PM
Location: Westgate South Parking Lot
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Principal's Corner

Thanks to all who made Missoula Children's Theater at Westgate a success!
Nearly sixty students performed in the Pinocchio production.  I'd like to thank all the students and families for their participation and support which made this production possible.  It's unbelievable that the student actors went from auditions to performance in only five days!  Their success speaks to the professionalism and dedication of the staff of the Missoula Children's Theater (MCT) and the program.
I'd also like to recognize the support we received from Westgate staff and community members.  In order to bring MCT to Westgate, we needed and found a family to host two MCT staff members.  We also found a volunteer accompanist whose live music made the performances special.  Thanks to the staff members who volunteered to help in the set-up and tear down as well as those who were ushers and ticket sellers.  All the volunteers exemplify the community in Westgate's name.  
Sharon Collins
Executive Director