Executive Director's Corner

headshot of Executive Director, Sharon Collins
Dear Families and Community Members,
You are what makes Westgate a vibrant educational option and I’d like to celebrate this National Charter Schools Week by recognizing and thanking you for sending your students to Westgate.
Did you know that you are part of a nationwide movement that includes 7,700 public charter schools educating more than 3.4 million children across the country? And Colorado has more than 266 charter schools, including Westgate, that are educating approximately 134,000 students across the state.
National Charter Schools Week is a great time to recognize public charter schools and how school choice enhances the public school system by offering options to meet the individual needs and strengths of students.
This week is also a good time to remember and share that charters are:
*Public schools, tuition-free, run by non-profit organizations, and have open enrollment,
*Formed in response to parent demand and community need,  
*Designed to offer students the time and personal attention they need to truly learn and reach their full potential, 
*Charters are among the most accountable public schools in the state as they are held to high financial, academic, and managerial standards.
We are lucky to live in a state where school choice is an important issue and a governor who champions charter schools.  As a founder of one charter school and co-founder of another, Gov. Polis supports school choice which is why he has publicly and loudly opposed proposed changes to the federal Charter Schools Program rules that could make it harder for charters schools to get start-up grants.  In an April 29, 2022 opinion article in the Washington Post he wrote that the Charter Schools Program, “is the only source of dedicated federal funding to support the growth of high-quality charter schools, and we must ensure the program can meet the clear demand for these life-transforming schools.”
Thanks again for directly supporting the transformation of education and for allowing us to be your partner.
In Service, 
Sharon Collins 
Executive Director, Westgate Community School