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Curriculum Map

At Westgate, we encourage creativity at every level, including with our teachers. Westgate uses the Colorado Model Content Standards to help drive the instruction of the students. On this page, you will find information directly from the Colorado Department of Education's website. These documents have been created to help parents understand better what will be taught at each grade level. The documents included on this page are for the core subjects of grades K-8. All information regarding what will be taught in the high school classes can be found on the high school teacher's classroom page as a syllabus.
For more information on what is being taught in each of your student's classes, please see the teachers' class pages. 
Please note, these documents are subject to be modified and will be updated on this page when completed. 
Kindergarten Documents

1st Grade Documents
2nd Grade Documents
3rd Grade Documents
4th Grade Documents
5th Grade Documents
6th Grade Documents
7th Grade Documents
8th Grade Documents