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High School Programming

General Information:

Westgate Community School is an early college model which means each student must be able to take college-level courses to complete our High School program. Our school provides an amazing opportunity for students to concurrently take classes both at our campus and tuition-free at Front Range Community College in Westminster. Students have the opportunity to graduate with a Westgate High School Diploma in one hand and an Associates Degree in another. This program is geared to self-motivated, gifted and creative learners, who are ready to attend college NOW!

Westgate is designed to prepare students for post-secondary options by encouraging them to become more independent and responsible for their own learning.

Service Learning:

Service Learning is a foundational component of Westgate Community School’s High School programming. All students must successfully participate in Service Learning each year as a requirement for graduation. Every Friday afternoon, all high school students participate in Westgate's own NonGovernmental Organization (NGO).  Also, each high school grade level participates in a service learning trip.  Click the link below for details of upcoming service trips. 

Senior Internships:

Senior Internships Seniors at Westgate Community High School will participate in unpaid internships on Friday mornings, 8:00 a.m. – noon. Successful completion of an internship is an expectation for graduation. See required forms along the left side of this page.

FRCC Spring 2017 Drop Date:

Reminder! If you are taking classes this Spring, the last drop day is February 1st! If you drop before this date, there will not be a financial obligation. Please let Mrs. Fatti know if you have any questions.

FRCC Class Tuition & Fees:

Westgate's early college model allows the school to pay for student's APPROVED AND TRANSFERABLE courses. If students earn a final grade of a D, F, Incomplete, or withdraws from a FRCC class(es), the family is responsible for the reimbursing the cost of tuition for said class(es).

Beginning Fall 2015, Westgate families will pay Student Fees for FRCC classes in addition to textbooks. This is common practice with most College Now partners. Average Student Fees range from $70-$150 dollars per student depending on the number of courses taken. If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Fatti.

FRCC Links:



Westgate has partnered with Naviance to provide a variety of tools for achievement through academic, career and college planning. These tools are located in Family Connection, a website for students and families to access online resources, communicate with school staff and work on college and career readiness activities.

This semester we are working with each grade level to introduce Naviance, complete personality and interests assessments, and complete a resume. Students will also use this platform to view documents posted by the school. Students can access Naviance by using the following link: