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10th Anniversary Gala - Tickets on sale NOW!

We are celebrating 10 Wonderful Westgate Years! Come Dine and Dance with our community!
Thursday, October 18, 7 - 11 PM
Stonebrook Manor
Featuring The Hazel Miller Band
$50 includes Italian Buffet Dinner

Order your tickets here:
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Linda Silverman of the Gifted Development Center will Speak at Westgate on Monday, August 20; 6-8 PM


Gifted children are expensive and time-consuming. They usually need less sleep than you do, ask more questions than you can answer, want 100 percent of your attention 24 hours a day, have obsessive hobbies, react intensely to everything, endlessly long for a best friend who understands them completely, hold perfectionistic standards for themselves and you, want to know the meaning of life when other children only want to know how to whistle, and keep their bedrooms in a condition you can never show company. In order to be the perfect parent, you need unlimited funds, unlimited patience, an encyclopedic mind, and someone to sleep for you. In this session, we will be discussing such issues as coping with the characteristics of giftedness; siblings and birth order; understanding introversion; gender issues; and keys to successful parenting. You will receive an owner’s manual, “Guidelines for Parents of the Gifted,” which contains suggestions for harmonious family life. There will be a question and answer period, but I don’t have all the answers. Trust Yourself! No one knows your child better than you do.
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