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Kinder 101 Webinar

Kindergarten is foundational and choosing the right one for your student can be stressful, especially when you don't know what to take into consideration.
On January 19, two members of the Westgate staff who are 'Certified Kinder Moms' as well as subject matter experts in education, will lead a Kindergarten 101 presentation.
They'll address considerations such as:
  1. What schools/programs are available near me?
  2. How do I evaluate a curriculum?
  3. What skills does my child need to have 'mastered' before beginning Kindergarten?
  4. How do I evaluate the quality of the teaching?
  5. What role should a parent/guardian play in educating a Kinder?
  6. Should I keep my child home for another year?
  7. What programs are available for gifted Kinders?
  8. What should I look for in a school if my student's social/emotional level doesn't match their intelligence level?
  9. How are schools keeping the kids safe?
  10. What does social/emotional learning look like for Kindergartners?
  11. What do academics look like for Kindergartners?
  12. Should Kindergartners have homework?
  13. What's the ideal teacher/student ratio?
  14. How does the Kindergarten classroom help in the development of self-esteem and resilience?
  15. What kind of extra-curricular activities are available for Kindergartners?
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