Social Studies Update Week of 10/29/23

Greetings 7th Grade Families!
Students began working on their World Religion Museum Project. Students have chosen a religion and did research on two different artifacts from that religion. From those two, they chose one to create for their museum and filled out a form about what supplies they would need to do this. I have gathered some supplies. Students are NOT expected to buy any supplies for this project, but if they have some at home they are free to bring those in. This week we will be working on creating our artifacts and the descriptions of their artifact that will be displayed together. Once this is done, students will form groups based on the religion they have chose and work together to crate their display. I will communicate with you the day we will have our museum in case you want to come to school and check it out.
Please don't hesitate to email me if you have any questions or concerns.
Mr. Rowan