Social Studies Update Week of 9/18/23

Greetings 7th Grade Social Studies Families!
This is a big week at school as we get close to the end of Quarter 1. All late and missing work that was assigned within the last two weeks is due on Wednesday and grades for Quarter 2 will be finalized on Friday. It's important that together, you and your student monitor Infinite Campus weekly to check on assignment completion and their current grades. 
In Social Studies, students will be completing an Ancient Civilizations research project. Students can choose between Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, India or China. This project will be due on Thursday.
Students will do the following:
  1. Read about the different activities for each of the five civilizations. 
  2. Choose a civilization that interests you. 
  3. Make a choice and read what you are being asked to do. 
  4. Click on the link for the box you have chosen. 
  5. Complete the research and record your answers in this Word document. 
  • 0-1 boxes completed = 1 
  • 2-3 boxes completed = 2 
  • 4-6 boxes completed = 3 
  • 7-9 boxes completed = 4
Please email with any questions or concerns.
Mr. Rowan