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Whole Child Ed and Advocacy

Whole Child Education is central to our Mission and Vision at Westgate. Whole Child Education at Westgate combines Social Emotional Learning (SEL), Physical Education, and Environmental Education to provide a foundation for all students to thrive.


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Social Emotional Learning (SEL) at Westgate

Westgate is proud to offer a variety of SEL opportunities to all of our students, every day. Below are just some of the programs that make Westgate a leader in Social Emotional education. 
1. Advocacy 
Every student receives Advocacy every single day! 
** See below for more information.
2. Advocacy Buddy Groups
Every other week, older students buddy with younger students to teach and practice SEL curriculum and activities. Kindergarten partners with High School, 1-2 partners with 5-6, and 3-4 partners with 7-8. 
3. Bullying Prevention Program
4. Peer Mentoring 

What is Advocacy?

Advocacy classes are first and foremost a time for students to build supportive relationships with their peers and with an adult they can trust. It is a time for everyone to feel recognized and welcomed into the school community. During this daily block, students meet with their faculty Advocate to engage in activities that support their social and emotional growth, career readiness, and academic success. These sessions provide students with opportunities for positive peer interaction, life skills development, and coaching to overcome educational, personal, and social barriers to educational attainment. A successful Advocacy program is a powerful tool for creating a positive school culture where our whole community can succeed. Please see the 2017-2018 SEL Themed Advocacy calendar below. ALL students will be learning these themes throughout the year. 

Why do we call it "Advocacy"?

Generation Schools NetworkTM has intentionally chosen the word "Advocacy" to describe this program. We believe the term Advocacy embodies the true goal, a program driven by facilitators who effectively advocate for their students and teach students how to advocate for themselves. Teachers are called "Advocates" to represent the proactive role they play in empowering their students to build positive futures.

Advocacy Scope and Sequence



School Wide, Monthly SEL Themes

Advocacy Buddy Classes

Bullying Prevention with PBIS

Whole Child Education




School Wide Theme: Starting Strong


Possible Topics:

Relationship Building

Social Integration

Academic Tool

School Culture

Time Management/ Organization


Month Specific:

Beginning of School Year




School Wide Theme: Self-Awareness

Last Week of September: College and Career Readiness


Possible Topics:

Who Am I?

Teamwork and Collaboration

Goal Setting

Being Kind to Ourselves

Peer Pressure

Self Esteem




School Wide Theme: Bullying Prevention


Possible Topics:

Being an Upstander



Month Specific:

National Bully Prevention Month

College Awareness Month



School Wide Theme: Grit and Growth Mindset


Possible Topics:



Reframing Failure


Month Specific:




School Wide Theme: Optimism and Gratitude





Month Specific:




School Wide Theme: Self-Regulation


Possible Topics:

Staying Healthy and Happy

The Importance of Sleep

Coping Skills

Goal Setting

Identifying and Managing Emotions



Month Specific:

Beginning of Second Semester



School Wide Theme: Healthy Relationships


Possible Topics:

Respecting Beliefs and Opinions

Learning to Solve Problems

Learning to Listen Good Manners Friendship


Month Specific:

Valentine's Day

Black History Month

Feb. 12-18 - Random Acts of Kindness




School Wide Theme: Mindfulness

One Week in March: College and Career Readiness



Possible Topics:

Stress Management



Month Specific:

 CMAS Testing




School Wide Theme: We Love the Environment!




Month Specific:

April 2nd - World Autism Awareness Day

CMAS testing

April 22nd - Earth Day





School Wide Theme: Mental Health Wellness 


Possible Topics:




Mental Health wellness

#CureStigma #4Body4Mind


Month Specific:

Mental Health Awareness Month 





School Wide Theme: Finishing Strong!