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Hello! Thanks for clicking into my personal page. My name is Hunter Kahn and I'm responsible for the seventh and eighth grade math classes here at Westgate Community School. I do my best to convey mathematical concepts with the basis that math is a language which helps us concisely describe the dynamics and mechanics of the world around us and its many facets. My belief is that, through this lens, students develop a more complete and comprehensive understanding of mathematics. Throughout the year students will complete various projects that are based on a wide range of applications of the mathematical concepts which they are learning and for every unit I strive to answer the question "When will I actually use this in real life?" before it is asked.
Personally, and as you can likely see by my photos, I proudly consider myself an "outdoor-person". I strive to spend time as frequently as possible in the outdoors interfacing with nature and learning from the world around me. Aside from this, I also have hobbies including games both table-top and virtual as well as finding new ways to spend my time outside!