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Earn HS Diploma & up to 60 College Credits, an Associate Degree or a certificate: 

Westgate Community School is a K-12 program focusing on gifted education for the Whole Child. The Westgate High School program is an early college model designed for students who qualify via an Accuplacer evaluation to take high school courses and college courses concurrently for all four years of High School. Our school provides an amazing opportunity for students to take classes both at our campus and tuition-free at Front Range Community College in Westminster. Students can graduate with a Westgate High School Diploma in one hand and an Associate Degree in the other. This program is geared to self-motivated, gifted and creative learners, who are ready to attend college NOW! Westgate is designed to prepare students for  any and all post-secondary options by encouraging them to become more independent and responsible for their own learning. 


Service Learning: 

Service Learning is a foundational component of Westgate Community School’s High School programming. All students must successfully participate in Service Learning each year as a requirement for graduation. Students partner with our Environmental Education Coordinator to identify specific projects that serve our community in a beneficial and effective way. Our Peer Mentor program is a part of Service Learning, as well. Read about our Peer Mentors in action!  In addition, each high school grade level participates in a service learning trip in the Spring. Freshmen serve locally, sophomores serve in the larger Colorado community, Juniors partner with Habitat for Humanity in Taos, NM, and Seniors travel internationally and provide service in a variety of ways like conservation and hurricane relief. Read about some of our former trips. (please note that we were unable to travel during the Spring of 2020 and 2021 due to COVID-19). Find out more information about Service Learning


Senior Internships: 

Seniors at Westgate Community High School participate in unpaid internships to earn academic credit on Fridays during throughout the school year. Successful completion of an internship is a graduation requirement, and for many Westgate alumni, internships was one of the most meaningful and memorable experiences. Previous seniors have worked at the Anschutz campus, on political campaigns, with Junior Achievement, with AMI Mechanical, and we’ve even had students explore their creative talents at tattoo parlors and salons.  


FRCC Class Tuition & Fees: 

Westgate's early college model allows the school to pay for a student's APPROVED AND TRANSFERABLE courses. If students earn a final grade of a D, F, Incomplete, or withdraws from a FRCC class(es) (WF), the family is responsible for reimbursing the cost of tuition for said class(es).

Westgate families pay Student Fees for FRCC classes in addition to textbooks. This is common practice with most College Now partners. Average Student Fees range from $70-$150 dollars per student depending on the number of courses taken. If you have any questions, please contact our School Counselor, Ms. Autumn Washington.  

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