Ms. Lounsbury, Science - A, 6th Grade

Course Description

Quarter 4 Units and Graded Assignments

Sun & Stars Unit Assignments: 

  1. The Sun Passage Questions 
  1. Stars Reading Questions  
  1. Why is the sun so bright? 
  1. Earth’s Place in the Universe Quiz 

Water Distribution: 
Thinking about the Lab 

Thinking about the Reading

Thinking about Water on Earth

     Water Distribution Quiz

Science to Protect the Environment: 
Texas reading response questions 

     Midwest reading response questions
     California Drought reading response questions
     Utah reading response questions
     Unit QuizS


Week of February 26th

This week students will continue learning about gravity and its impact on the solar system. Students discuss how the phases of the moon and the tides are related.  Students will be using the following video to start this discussion. 
Mrs. Lounsbury 

Week of February 5th 2024

This week students will be taking an in depth look into our solar system. Students will be learning how to use their observations to gather information about the different parts of our solar system and universe.  Here is a video that shows what we will be talking about. 
Mrs. Lounsbury 

Week of January 29th

Students have been researching a fictional, mythical, or made-up creature. They have been tasked to use their knowledge of Climate Zones to prove where in the world they think their creature would live.  They are presenting this week.
Mrs. Lounsbury

Week of January 29th

This week, students will be starting Unit 6, Equations. We learned about variables last week. This week we will be solving for those variables and using inverse (opposite) operations. 

Students who would like to retake their chapter 4 or 5 tests, will be given practices to take home before being reassigned their test. 

Mrs. Lounsbury 

Week of January 22nd 2024

Last week, students found the climate for different states in the USA. This week, students will learn about the 5 different climate zones. They will also learn how meteorologists show and collect data for climate, weather, and temperature of an area. 
Here is a video that discusses the 5 different climates. 
Mrs. Lounsbury 

Week if January 16th 2024

I hope you all are staying warm and enjoying your snow day.  This week we will be discussing climate, average temperature, and why weather can be different in many places. Here is a video that discusses the difference between weather and climate. 
See you Wednesday,
Mrs. Lounsbury