Westgate Community School

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Principal's Corner

Dear Westgate Families,
Each year, Westgate holds a Fundraising campaign in which our entire community pitches in to help out!  I am asking you to support our school through donations to this Annual Campaign.  Any amount helps us to reach our goal!
Westgate is a Community built to support the needs of gifted and creative learners.   The Annual Campaign helps us to continue to engage our gifted learners and include the things that make Westgate unique.  These funds allow us to enhance our programming with opportunities like the all-school field trip to the Denver Symphony Orchestra, ongoing and innovative professional development for teachers and matching funds for the grants we continue to win.
Fundraising provides Westgate with improvement items each year that are not a part of the overall budget.  These improvements are essential to growing our kids and our community. We look forward to the amazing future that is in store for Westgate, our kids and our community.
Thank you for your generosity.  Together, we make a difference in the lives of our kids!
With much appreciation,
Sharon Collins