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Board of Directors

General Information:


Congratulations to the New Members of the Westgate School Board of Directors!

Please join us in welcoming Aidan Fleming, Dano Goforth, and Karen Trojanowski to the Westgate Governance Board of Directors. Aidan, Dano, and Karen were elected to a 3-year term to begin in July 2017. 

New Director Bios:

Aidan Fleming

I have had the great pleasure of interacting with and observing the excellent instruction my son has received as a second grader at Westgate. I have been impressed by the true and successful implementation of differentiated instruction within his classroom and the professionalism of the administrative staff. I desire to have more of an impact on the future of the great direction this school is going.

I have been involved in education since 1992 on a professional basis. From my time of working in elementary, middle and high school settings, I have learned the importance of a well-run Board which makes decisions for the overall good of the student body and not simply as a platform for seeking to progress a personal agenda. As a Dean of Students for a large charter school in the metro area, I interact and report to our Board on the safety, discipline, and school culture of our school on a regular basis. I was lucky enough to be a founding member of starting a stand- alone charter high school with an emphasis on preparing students for college and career goals. I appreciate the challenges the charter school design confronts with diminished funding and the lack of traditional resources, but am excited by autonomy this structure allows to bring excellent instruction and programming to its students.

I bring a diverse background in social work, law enforcement, program design/implementation, providing traditional and experiential education, and a deep appreciation for the need to support the professional Teacher in their classroom. My experience in budget development/management, policy/procedure creation, and personnel management would be helpful in assisting the Board as they navigate the oversight of an amazing school.

I am excited about the potential of serving with other parents and administrative leaders as we put the educational needs of students first, support the dedicated Teachers as they deliver rigorous curriculum, and positively interact with students and their parents in meaningful dialogue.

Thank you and I look forward to being considered for this role in this thriving school in this important capacity.

Dano Goforth

I have had the privilege to be involved with Westgate since its inception in 2008. I was on the first fund raising committees with my wife Rochelle, who is a founding member and has worked for Westgate since day one.

I have been a proud WCS parent since 2012 when my youngest daughter Ellie started 3rd grade, and now I am a perspective high school parent as she plans to graduate from Westgate. Over the years I have volunteered for fundraising events, auctions, chaperoning field trips, chicken raising, moving to new buildings, and even some decorating. Recently I was able to participate in the Challenge day event with the middle school, and it was a truly remarkable experience. And now my oldest daughter, Katie, works at WCS! Our family is very passionate and dedicated to this school and its mission.

I am an Audio Engineer and production manager for mainly large-scale concert sound as well as high-end corporate events. I have been a contractor and a small business owner for the last 20 years. I have traveled around the world working with a wide range of music recording artists and entertainers. I have recorded and produced over fifty full-length albums for various local and national recording artists, and composed two independent movie sound tracks. I have worked on large projects with large groups of people and a lot of ‘moving parts’. I know how to work with people as a team, and how to be accountable for my part in achieving a common goal. As well as my career in production, I am currently finishing my B.S. in Physics and Mathematics with a Teacher Licensure at MSU Denver. I plan to teach Math, Science, as well as music and production technology. I truly enjoy teaching my passions. In the off time, I enjoy playing music (mostly guitar), working on physics, reading, and hanging out with family.

I have often felt sort of envious of the Westgate kids. I was totally a Westgate kid. I think a lot of parents can relate to that. A lot of us didn’t really know what we were dealing with while growing up until we saw it in our own kids. I think that drives us as parents and educators. I think another thing that makes this community so unique is that because WCS parents can relate and empathize with their kids.

I remember going to the first board meetings in Jackie Hahn’s dining room. It was amazing to see the passion and dedication of everyone at those first meetings as the mission of WCS was crafted from a vision that so many parents, teachers, and students shared, into a reality. A reality that has not only given our little creative geniuses a safe place to learn, but a community that truly embraces the beauty of a mind that can ‘think outside the box’, and everything that goes with it! I believe with my experience and dedication I can serve the school board and the Westgate community as we strive to grow and achieve our mission.

Karen Trojanowski

This year I had the opportunity to serve on the Westgate Board of Directors as an appointed member when a spot became vacant last November. I have enjoyed being a part of a Board team that stands behind the mission of Westgate, supports the administration, and works hard to make Westgate a better, more community-oriented school. It has been a fantastic experience and I would like to be considered for a three-year term position now.

I have a third-grader and first-grader at Westgate and they have both attended the school since kindergarten. Westgate was carefully selected by my family as a wonderful school for creative learners to develop in an environment of academic excellence and it has proven to be so. I have been an advocate of the school for several years and I am eager for the opportunity to give back to Westgate. I am a lawyer by training although I do not currently practice law. However, I can use my law background to read and interpret rules and policies, ensure compliance with state and school board rules and regulations, and help the Board critically solve problems and develop creative solutions. I also offer strong analytical, decision-making, and communication skills and would bring a firm commitment to upholding the values and the mission of Westgate and the Board.

Originally I am from Princeton, New Jersey although I have lived in Colorado for the past 16 years. I received my B.A. from the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor and my law degree from the University of Colorado Law School in 2004. I am currently the Director of Talent & Coaching for the OnRamp Fellowship, which is a re-entry platform that matches experienced women returning to the workforce after a career break with law firms, legal departments, and financial services firms. Preceding this position, I worked for 10 years at the University of Colorado Law School where I held a number of positions including: Director for Alternative Legal Careers, Externship Program Director, and Associate Director of Career Development. I have over a decade of experience in the legal field, have counseled thousands of law professionals, and have served on four Law School hiring search committees. I also spent several years as a volunteer family law attorney for Boulder County Legal Services.  

Board Meetings

The Westgate Board of Directors meets on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month from 6:30 – 9:00 pm at 12500 Washington Street, Thornton.  Enter through the main doors on the south side of the building.


Agendas are posted at least 24 hours in advance.  Board meetings are open to the public.  There is an open mic opportunity at the beginning of the meeting.


Board Minutes

Board Minutes are available for inspection during normal school office hours, 8:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m. on school days. Electronic copies of the minutes since June 2011 are available in the Minutes folder on this page.


Westgate Board of Directors Sunshine List

The Westgate Board of Directors 2016–2017 calendar of open and noticed meetings, including the date and time of meetings, is posted in hard copy at the Westgate Community School Front Desk. The calendar is updated every June for the following school year. The open and noticed meeting calendar is also available electronically, under the Board of Directors section of the Westgate Community School official website (http://www.westgateschool.org/apps/pages/index.jsp?uREC_ID=619185&type=d&pREC_ID=1080682).  

In addition to both the hard copy and electronic versions of the Board of Directors open and noticed meeting calendar, and pursuant to Section 7 of the Colorado Revised Statutes, Colorado Sunshine Law, Open Meetings Law (C.R.S. §24-6-402(7)), the Westgate Board of Directors is also requesting that any member of the Westgate Community who wishes to be specifically notified of each Board of Directors open and noticed meeting, separate from and in addition to hard copy and electronic availability of the posted meeting calendar, should request addition to the Westgate Board of Directors Sunshine List by emailing the Board of Directors Secretary, Melanie Medeiros, at melanie.medeiros@westgateschool.org.  Reasonable advance notification will be made via email unless otherwise requested. Membership to the Westgate Board of Directors Sunshine List is good for two years, after which time each member must request to remain on the list. Notices regarding addition to the Westgate Board of Directors Sunshine List will be sent in January of each calendar year.

If you have any questions regarding the Westgate Board of Directors Sunshine List, please email the Board of Directors Secretary, Melanie Medeiros, at melanie.medeiros@westgateschool.org.

Annual Asbestos Notification

In compliance with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA), Westgate Community School is required annually to inform all parents, teachers and staff as to the availability of our asbestos management plan as well as any activities which have taken place in the previous year.

A periodic surveillance of asbestos containing building materials (ACBM) is performed at Westgate every six months. A complete re-inspection of Westgate is completed every three years and was last completed in August 2015. No asbestos containing materials have been disturbed or removed in the last year.

Information about these inspections is included in the AHERA Asbestos Management Plan which can be found in Westgate’s Business Office. 

Board of Directors
Dan Gurule
Vice President: 
Neal Gamache
Melanie Medeiros
Holly Peterson
Board members:
Karen Trojanowski
Michelle Zeles-Hahn