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Principal's Corner

Thanks to all the families who came to Westgate for our annual picnic and Back To School night.  It was my pleasure to show you the changes we made during the summer break to the physical learning environment of our students.  I am happy to say that over the last three years we've updated the lighting, wall color, desks, chairs, rugs, smart boards and computers in order to promote a significant positive effect on the efficiency of students and teachers in the classrooms.  
Westgate continues our commitment to whole child education by recognizing that in addition to the physical environment of the classroom, the social, physical and emotional well being of our students is equally important to creating an atmosphere for both learning and emotional development.  We've expanded service learning opportunities and will continue to support a culture of mutual respect where students feel relaxed in asking questions and expressing their thoughts and feelings while pursuing academic achievement.
I'm looking forward to a great year ahead.
Sharon Collins 
Executive Director