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Principal's Corner

Dear Families,
February is one of my favorite months during the school year.  Not because there is a high probability that we will have a snow day.  Not because the days are finally getting longer.  Not because I can still wait to file my taxes!  No, I love this time of year because it is full of promise.  February is when we receive new student applications from both returning and new families.  It's when we find out which students are coming back to Westgate next year.  And, it's when we celebrate Kindness Week!    
Kindness week gives staff and students the opportunity to practice kindness; to ourselves and others.  We also get the opportunity to go out into the community to spread kindness to our neighbors.  It can be scary because students never know how their kind efforts will be received.  It takes courage to try.  It is extremely fun and fulfilling to accompany students as they deliver Kindness Cards to our neighbors.  I get to share in the joy as they deliver happiness and learn the benefit of being kind.  
In every community, public education is a means to come together to shape the future. 
From my point of view, the future looks promising!
Sharon Collins
Executive Director