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Principal's Corner

Big Changes Coming!
In fall 2018, Westgate Community School was awarded an Adams County Open Space Grant for $805,000 to complete Phase II of our Environmental Education Campus.
In the time between when the grant was awarded and preparation for construction, we've been meeting with the design and construction teams.  Now, we're ready to begin building Phase II!
As we move forward, please help us keep kids safe by ensuring they know that 'Behind The Fence' is a live construction site.  No one, adults or students, are permitted on the construction site and that is why there is a fence all the way around the construction area.  It is projected to be completed by fall 2020 but that will depend on weather as well as availability of materials and crew.  
That's a big space, what's being built?  Phase II encompasses approximately six acres and includes an amphitheater, outdoor classrooms, groomed green space/playing field, classroom gardens, walking paths and an enhanced chicken coop and goat pen.  See the design by clicking on this link:  Phase II_design drawing.pdf.
I am so excited to be able to develop the site for our Westgate families and the local community!
Sharon Collins
Executive Director