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Lunch Program

The USDA has passed a waiver for free meals for all students for the 2021-2022 school year. No application is necessary. Parents/guardians may still want to consider applying for the Free and Reduced Program as other benefits may be available, including student fee waivers.


My Kid's Lunch Program - Monthly Menus are posted on the left side of the page. Menus are subject to change.

In order for your student to receive a lunch from Westgate during in-person learning, orders must be placed using the weekly ordering links below.


Lunch Ordering Instructions:

1.  Click on the links below for each week you would like to order lunch. Monthly menus are posted on the left side of this page. Menus are subject to change.

2.  Complete the form by entering your student's information.

3.  Fill out and submit a form for each student who would like to order each week.

4.  After hitting submit, you will be given the option to save or print a copy of your responses. You will also receive an email confirmation.

5.  The ordering deadline is 9:00 p.m. on Monday for the following week.


Ordering is closed for the last week of the 2021-2022 school year. See you in August!


Free and Reduced Price Meal Applications
Families who have already filled out a Free and Reduced-Price Meal application with Adams 12 Five Star or another school/district, are NOT considered Free or Reduced eligible with Westgate. These families must complete a Free and Reduced Price Meal application through CharterChoice Collaborative (SFA) to be eligible.

Preferred  Method
Online (available in English and Spanish)
Apply online for the 2021-2022 school year.
Families who include an email address in the application will receive an eligibility determination via email.
Alternate Method
Download the .pdf application located in the box on the left side of this page.  Complete the forms and return the original copy to Westgate, addressed to our Business Office. 
  • Please ensure that any changes made to the application are initialed.  Any 'crossed out' changes must be initialed by the signer. 
  • Please ensure the completed application is signed.

Eligibility is not retroactive. The sooner a complete application is received; the sooner it will be processed and benefits can begin if the student is eligible. 
Other Considerations for Paper Applications:
  • Whiteout is NOT permitted. If whiteout is used, a new application must be completed for processing.

  • Applicants must use black or blue PEN. If a paper application is filled out in pencil, it will be returned. If pencil is used, families must fill out a NEW application, they cannot just trace over their pencil.

  • When any corrections are made; if made by the signer then they initial their correction or if corrected by collector then he/she must initial, date, and note with whom you spoke to regarding the correction.

  • Income for ALL students and household members must be complete. All children’s income is put together in STEP 3 A. Please be sure that all income includes how often the person is receiving it.

  • Complete student first and last name, school name and grade level.

  • Frequency of pay must be complete, one box must be checked - monthly, bi-weekly (every other week eg: every other Friday), weekly, 2x month (eg: paid on the 1st and 15th), or annually.

  • The signer must include his/her last 4 digits of his/her social security number or check the box “Check the following box if no SSN” if they have completed Step 3 (household and income information).


  • The person filling out the application must sign, print name, and properly date the application.

  • If household has a SNAP (food stamp)/TANF or FDPIR case # then they DO NOT need to fill out the income area or include a social security number, BUT the application must still be signed.

Common Mistakes

  • Student and household members with the same name – no indication of two different people (middle
    initial, Jr., Sr., etc.). The online application will flag the user if the parent/guardian and student names are exactly the same.

  • Not including ALL household members. Please be sure to remind applicants that household members
    include infants, grandparents, etc. Eligibility is based on total household size and total gross income. The
    online application-if the household count entered by user doesn’t match the number of people entered by name on the application, they will be flagged.

  • Signer not actually included in the Household list. The online application- the user will be flagged if the
    signer name doesn’t match one of the household member’s information exactly.

  • Missing last four digits of social security number or indication of no social security number on income
Free & Reduced Lunch Applications: