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K-8 Programming

The Mission of Westgate Community School

Westgate Community School is a small school of innovation that seeks to serve gifted students who would benefit from a creative, collaborative and less traditional educational environment.

Vision Statement

At Westgate Community School, gifted learners will explore their passions and develop their knowledge and skills, achieving success by focusing on individualized goals in a community centered on academic,  personal, social, and technological excellence.

Gifted Education All-day, Every-day

Needs-Based, Differentiated Classrooms

All students at Westgate Community School have the benefit of differentiated, needs-based instruction in language arts and mathematics. Our master schedule is designed to maximize the opportunity for students to access a class that meets their learning needs, regardless of age or grade. Each team has both on-level and advanced classes.

It's important to remember that the groupings may be adjusted, as needed, throughout the year.

Recess for all students K-8

Work at home policy

Social-Emotional learning every day


Universal Design