Hamilton's Math Update 2-26-24

We have started chapter 9.  In this chapter, your student is learning various strategies for adding two-digit numbers. The lessons address adding tens and adding ones, using a number line to add, and making a 10 to add. There are no new vocabulary words introduced in this chapter.

There are many situations that you can use to model adding two numbers. Pointing out real-world situations that use addition is a great way to help students connect math with real life! This will help reinforce the importance of addition, and answer the question, “When will I ever use this?” The maximum sum in this chapter is 99. This aligns well with many daily activities.

Use the following strategies to practice with your student:

  • To model adding tens and ones, point out the number of items needed for an activity. For example, point out that you will buy a package of 25 plates and a package of 36 cups for a birthday party. Then ask, “How many ones are there? Are there enough ones to make a 10? How many tens are there? How many plates and cups are there in all?” Encourage your student to make a quick sketch of the tens and ones if needed.
  • To practice adding tens and ones on a number line, point out the day’s low and high temperatures. Say, “It is 57 degrees now. Later, it will be 74 degrees. How many degrees will the temperature increase?” Or say, “It is 57 degrees now. The temperature will increase 17 degrees this afternoon. What will the temperature be then?” Ask your student to explain how to use a number line to find the answer.
  • To practice using addition strategies to solve problems, point out how many miles you will drive for an event. Say, “We will drive 18 miles to Grandma’s house, then 24 more miles to the zoo. We have enough gas in the car to drive 50 miles. Do we have enough gas, or do we need to stop for more along the way?” Have your student explain how to find the answer.

By the end of this chapter, your student should feel confident with the learning targets and success criteria on the next page. Encourage your student to look for other opportunities to use addition, such as finding the total number of minutes needed to get ready and travel to school each day.

Have a great time practicing addition!