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Westgate Enrichment Communities! 

Spring 2021 - Quarter 4


Due to COVID-19, the need for social distancing, and especially Westgate's commitment to cohorting, we will continue to offer various Enrichment Communities for our students in an online format, along with Social Hours throughout the week. 


A complete list of online Enrichment Communities for 4th quarter are below.


There is NO monetary fee or registration process for Enrichment Communities, you just need to log in to your Enrichment Community via the Zoom link that will be provided. Some Enrichments may recommend consistent participation, while others take more of a "drop in" format. 


All Enrichment Communities will begin the week of April 5th (unless specifically stated in the table below).


If you are interested in joining an Enrichment, please email the teacher sponsor 24 hours prior to the scheduled Enrichment. That teacher will respond with the Zoom information (link/meeting ID and password). You only need to request this information once, as the Zoom ID and password will remain live throughout the quarter. Please do not share the information with others.