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School Accountability Committee


The purpose of the School Accountability Committee (SAC) is to inform, encourage and provide opportunities for parent and community members to be involved in the planning and evaluation of WCS’s instructional program and quality improvement processes. The SAC is a statutory requirement, and it's duties and powers are covered in Colorado Revised Statutes Title 22, Article 11, Sections 401 through 408, and for WCS specifically, through our SAC Charter. 


At Westgate Community School, the SAC plays an important role in the schools' constant self-reflection and growth, and provides opportunities for members to:

  • Participate in the planning and evaluation of WCS’s academic program
  • Help WCS define, measure, grow and improve its quality
  • Improve safety
  • Survey our parents and students
  • Consult and advise on the school budget, and
  • Ensure the school’s priorities and actions are aligned with our vision and mission
SAC members also provide information, analysis and strategic planning recommendations to the:
  • Westgate Community School Board of Directors and Executive Director
  • Adams 12 Five Star District, and
  • Westgate Community School community
Committee membership consists of the Executive Director and/or Assistant Principal(s) and/or the WCS Academic Director, WCS Teachers, WCS Board of Director liaison(s), community representatives, and parents or legal guardians of WCS students. 
2019–2020 Meeting Information: Second or Third Thursday from 5:30 to 7pm at Westgate Community School
  • Upcoming Meetings:
    • Aug 22
    • Sept 19
2019–2020 SAC Membership:
2018–2019 SAC Membership:
Co-Chair: Meg Townsend
Co-Chair/Board Liaison: Melanie Medeiros
Secretary: Amber Bratt
School Leadership: Daneke Callahan
Members at Large: Desiree Cindric, Ashleigh Dewar, Elisabeth O'Brien, David Rowan, Rachel Snyder


For more information regarding SAC, including joining the committee for 2019–2020, please contact Melanie Medeiros, current board liaison, at

2019–2020 Agendas and Meeting Minutes
2018–2019 Agendas and Meeting Minutes
2017–2018 Agendas and Meeting Minutes