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Concurrent Enrollment Resources
This is a resource page for current Westgate High School students enrolled in concurrent enrollment classes.Students and guardians may find helpful information here to answer questions or to find specific links. 
Important: First-Day FRCC Course & Email Access (Fall 2020)  
Concurrent Enrollment Information Session Video
How To Search and Register For Classes
How To Drop/Withdraw From A Class
*Approval must be obtained from School Counselor before dropping a class. 
How To Rest Your eWolf Password
Frequently Asked Questions
Does Westgate pay for my books or fees? 
  • No. Westgate only pays for class tuition. Books and fees are paid out of pocket by student or student's family. 
Can I drop a class whenever I want?
  • No. Dropping a class has to be approved by the School Counselor. Following FRCC's drop & withdraw deadlines is critical. If a class is dropped after the drop date, then the cost of the course must be paid back to Westgate. Withdrawal class tuition must also be paid back to Westgate. 
Where can I purchase textbooks? 
  • You can always check out the bookstore at FRCC. However- if you want to possibly rent or buy from elsewhere, Amazon, Chegg,, and Barnes & Noble are great places to explore. Furthermore, the School Counselor has a free textbook library at the school. The textbook library is very limited, in which a book needed for class may not be available. If a book is available, a student can check out the textbook for the semester through the School Counselor. The textbook must be returned at the end of the semester. 
What happens if I get a F or D in a class?
  • If you receive a D in a college class, you will be responsible for paying for the course. However- you will still get high school credit even though you will not receive college credit. If you receive a F, you will be responsible for paying for the course and will not receive high school or college credit.