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Staff Profile - Charlie Maupin

My name is Charlie Maupin and I feel so lucky to be the Environmental Education Coordinator here at Westgate! I get to work with all grade levels to help cultivate a love for the environment and community through lesson plans, field trips, and service-learning projects. I teach topics that are related to our goats, chickens, gardens, recycling, food waste programs, and everything in the environmental realm. I love that EE can be incorporated with all subjects and grade levels. I have previously taught through nonprofits, afterschool programs, and nature camps. I moved to Colorado in 2021 from California, where I spent my time exploring the redwoods. I have been exploring nature as long as I can remember, and I’ve seen the curiosity and wonder it can bring into student’s lives. I am also a huge fan of backpacking, hiking, climbing, aerial yoga/yoga, and camping.