11/27 - 12/1

Good Morning Everyone! 


Happy Monday! I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving week!! Grades have been uploaded so please go in and check your students' grades for this rotation. Our rotation's final grades will be posted on Friday, December 8th. 


This week in art: 


7/8 - Acrylic Painting - This week in painting we are finalizing our Chuck Close-inspired Portraits. On Wednesday, we will be starting our final project, working with Ms. Charlie, and exploring the environmental impact of Industrialization. For this project, we are focusing on the work of David Ambarzumjan, a German contemporary painter. His collection of works titled "Brushstrokes in Time" emphasizes the juxtaposition of what was, what is, and what may be, through an exploration of our relationship with nature. Students will be brainstorming and emulating his work thinking about the impact of the Industrial Revolution on the environment around us. 


5/6 - Line and Pattern - Students are finalizing their zentangle silhouette project this week. Students will transfer their silhouette and zentangle designs to the watercolor backgrounds we created. Once they are done transferring their silhouette and zentangle patterns, students will go over their lines with Sharpie to make their designs bold. 


3/4 - Line and Color - This week students are starting on their final paper for their Paul Klee line project. Students will be drawing in a continuous line, experimenting with different line styles, without intersecting their lines. Once they finish that, they will use oil pastels in the color scheme of their choice to create a blended pattern throughout one side of their line, leaving the other side white. This creates distinct positive and negative spaces within their artwork. 


1/2 - Shape and Value -  This week, we are focusing on a realistic style of artwork through still-life drawings. The focus of these drawings will be to use shape and value to create a realistic drawing of objects in front of them. We will be studying artworks by Samantha Bell, Dan Duhrkoop, and Richard Romero.