Good Morning Everyone! 
Happy Tuesday! I hope you are all having a great start to your week!! I apologize for the late upload of our weekly art endeavors, our rotation for K-6 is coming to an end, and it has been a bit hectic. 
This week in art: 
7/8 - Chuck Close Portraits - This week in painting we are starting on our next project focused on Portraiture and Chuck Close's contemporary art form. Students will be creating a portrait illustrating their understanding of color theory and facial proportions. Students will be inspired by the work of Chuck Close and his broken portraiture to illustrate an influential figure from today's society. They can choose a Singer, Actor, CEO, Politician, Social Media Influencer, etc to be the subject of their artwork. 
5/6 - Value - This week, students are completing their final project of this rotation, utilizing value to determine the forms within a human skeleton. Students will be drawing on black paper with white charcoal to create a sketch of a part of the human skeleton using highlights and shadows to give the illusion of depth to their artwork. 
3/4 - Color - Students are trying out a new art medium this week through printmaking. After studying the work of American Pop artist Andy Warhol, students are creating a self-portrait study where they get to experiment with different color schemes through the use of a stamp-printing method. They will also be learning and working on facial proportions and creating their own likeness through a simple line drawing. 
1/2 - Color - Students are studying the work of Jim Dine and his use of analogous colors. Students are going to experiment with colored tempera paint sticks to emulate the simplified shapes used by Jim Dine while incorporating their knowledge of analogous colors. 
Kindergarten - Color - This week students are learning the basics of the color wheel and how it can start to be broken up into color families that are easy to recognize. We will be focusing on Primary and Secondary colors and how they relate to one another.