Good Morning Everyone! 
Happy Monday! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend!! I cannot believe it is already the 3rd week of school! Grades have been uploaded so please go in and check your students' grades for this rotation. Our first rotation for K-6 is coming to an end next week. 
This week in art: 
7/8 - Texture and Composition - This week in drawing we are starting on our final papers for our texture project. Students are creating artwork showing different implied textures while incorporating shape and composition to make their artwork visually appealing. This project is due on Friday, 8/25. 
5/6 - Line and Pattern - Students are finalizing their zentangle silhouette project this week. Students will transfer their silhouette images to the watercolor backgrounds we created last week. Once they are done transferring their silhouette and zentangle patterns, students will go over their lines with Sharpie to make their designs bold. 
3/4 - Line and Color - This week students are starting on their final paper for their Paul Klee line project. Students will be drawing in a continuous line, experimenting with different line styles, without intersecting their lines. Once they finish that, they will use oil pastels in the color scheme of their choice to create a blended pattern throughout one side of their line, leaving the other side white. 
1/2 - Shape and Value - Last week students completed their first drawing project, focusing on Abstract Art through their study of Joan Miro. This week, we are steering in a different direction, focusing on a more realistic style of artwork through still-life drawings. The focus of these drawings will be to create shape and value. We will be studying artworks by Samantha Bell, Dan Duhrkoop, and Richard Romero. 
Kindergarten - Shape - Students this week will be delving into the world of Abstract Art through the work of Reginald Laurent. Students will learn about Abstract Art and how artwork does not have to include a subject or recognizable image. They will get the chance to work with a new process called crayon resist painting. Students will begin the project drawing with white crayon on their paper and then use watercolors to reveal their image.