Q4, Week 3

Good Morning, 
I hope you all had a good weekend and start to your week. My apologies for the late update for this week, CMAS is still going strong in the building. Testing will again be on Tues, Wed, and Thurs of this week, so schedules will not be the same as they usually are.
This week in art students will be focusing on:  
7/8 - Recycling School Poster - Students will use Graphic Design Principles to design a possible Poster to illustrate and explain the importance of recycling as well as how to know if something can be recycled! We are working closely with Ms. Charlie, our school's environmental education specialist, to create a new poster for the school. 
5/6 - Students have a shortened week with me due to CMAS schedules, but we are starting our Elements and Principles of Art Explosion books. This project will be a chance for students to illustrate their understanding of the elements and principles of design that we have been learning about/reviewing for the last few weeks. This project will be due next Tuesday, April 18th. 
3/4 - Still Life - Students will be focusing on the work of Paul Cezanne to understand and create their own Still Life drawings. A still life is an artwork made from inanimate objects arranged in an interesting composition that the artist creates. Students will create 2 still-life practice drawings this week before moving on to their final still-life creation next week. 
1/2 - Complimentary Trees - This week students will be focusing on color and color families (also known as color schemes). We will begin by reviewing the color schemes we learned last year, before moving on to learn about the Complimentary color schemes which we will be utilized in this project.  
Kinder - Color Wheel Umbrellas - This week students will be focusing on color and the creation of our color wheel. Students will use paint in the primary colors (red, yellow, and blue) to create mix their secondary colors to create a color wheel covering the umbrella in their painting.