High School Lottery Application

High School Application

Applications for the 2023-24 School Year

Opens December 1st, 2022!


To apply for High School, 9th-12th grade, you will need to upload and submit the following items:

  • High School online Lottery Application 
  • Accuplacer results from Front Range Community College*: Failure to submit these scores will not exclude students from the Westgate Lottery, but will change the lottery priority and may make them ineligible for FRCC courses in the Fall. 
Preference in Westgate's High School Lottery will be given to students in the following manner:
  1. Current Westgate students with qualifying Accuplacer scores in English and/or Math
  2. Adams 12 students with qualifying Accuplacer scores in English and/or Math
  3. Out of district students with qualifying Accuplacer scores in English and/or Math
  4. Current Westgate students without qualifying Accuplacer scores
  5. Adams 12 students without qualifying Accuplacer scores
  6. Out of district students without qualifying Accuplacer scores 
NOTE:  A qualifying Accuplacer score in English and/or Math at the time of seat acceptance will give students the widest choice for classes at Front Range Community College.  Our counselor works with eligible and enrolled students to sign up for FRCC Fall classes which open up in the Spring. Students must meet FRCC set minimum scores to qualify for college level courses.

The Accuplacer results may be uploaded directly into the application before submission. If you need help, please call Rochelle Goforth at (303)452-0967 or email [email protected].  Incomplete applications will not be included in the initial lottery.


* Student procedure for Accuplacer testing:

  1. Go to https://www.frontrange.edu and click on “Apply Now” to create an account and receive your Student ID Number (S#) via email, it may take a few days to receive the email from FRCC.  Students must use their personal email address (not a Westgate email, parent/guardian's email) because this email will attach to their account permanently for communication purposes. 
    • When choosing a degree path Associate of Arts (AA) and Associate of Science (AS) are most common.  Associate of Applied Science (AAS) is less common as students following that degree are not planning to attend a 4-year institution after.  Please pay close attention to this section of the application.  If you have additional questions about specific degrees, please email Autumn Washington [email protected]
  2. Schedule your Accuplacer test online directly with FRCC at the Westminster location, you will want to choose 'English and Math' when you schedule the appointment.  These tests will include Reading, Writing, and Math. Please note that the Accuplacer can only be taken once per semester and students have a maximum of 4 opportunities during a 5 year period.  Students will not have the opportunity to retake the Accuplacer multiple times during Westgate's enrollment season.
  3. You will need your S# and a government issued photo ID in order to take the Accuplacer at FRCC (school issued ID is acceptable).  If you don't have your school ID, please email Rochelle Goforth [email protected] for help.
  4. Visit https://www.frontrange.edu/campuses/testing-centers for hours and study guides.
  5. Upload the scores directly to your Westgate application before submitting it.
  6. For additional questions regarding Accuplacer testing or interpreting the scores, please email Autumn Washington [email protected]
High school information night for current 7/8 students:

Important Contact Information:

Main Office Hours: 7:45 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. Monday through Friday

Enrollment Director/Registrar: [email protected]