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Advanced Learning Plans (ALPs)

What is an Advanced Learning Plan?
The Advanced Learning Plan (ALP) is a legal document which is a written record of a gifted student's strengths, academic and affective learning goals and the resulting programming for identified gifted students and is used as a guide for educational planning and decision-making. The Exceptional Children’s Educational Act (ECEA) states that there will be ALP content and procedures set in place for statewide implementation; and that goals in the ALP will be standards-based.  An ALP shall be developed for every gifted student according to the student’s determined area(s) of giftedness, interests, and instructional, and affective needs.  
Your child must be formally identified as Gifted and Talented by the district using state guidelines using a complete body of evidence to make the determination. If your child is already identified as Gifted and Talented, they will have an Advanced Learning Plan developed yearly at Westgate by their classroom advocate who will work alongside you and your child to develop the best goals possible for your student, within the guidelines set forth by the ECEA.  
Please look for communication directly from your child’s teacher regarding the development and implementation of the plan within the classroom.
The timeline for the development of the plan is shared below.