Step into Fun and Fitness: K-8 Gears Up for Spectacular Fun Run Event on Sep. 22

Event Day
  • Friday, September 22
  • K-8 Students will run at assigned times from 8:45 - 11:15 in their POD groups
  • High school students will be on hand to cheer and support the runners!

Embrace the Wildness of Fitness
Discover YOUR unique way to stay active. From dancing and dog-walking to biking and scooting, it's all about 'Finding Your Fitness' in a way that resonates with you and your family. 🚴‍♂️🐕💃

Mind, Body, Community Connection
This event is more than just a run – it's a celebration of the whole child. We believe in the power of connecting mind, body, and community. 

T-shirt for ALL K-8 Students!
Students have the opportunity to get those creative gears turning, because every K-8 student will have the chance to design their own Wild Style Fun Run shirt. Bedazzle it!  Tie-dye it! Add fringes, a new neck line, sleeves and more! 🎨✨ It's a wearable canvas to express your individuality and be a part of something bigger.

Raising Awareness and Funds
Our goas are to change behaviors, raise awareness and funds to support health, wellness and fitness at Westgate.  Give on behalf of your student at:  Wild Style Fun Run Donations Accepting donations through Friday, September 29!

🌟 Thank You Gifts for Fundraising Champions! 🌟

Here's a glimpse of the awesome recognition items students receive for their incredible fundraising efforts. Their dedication not only supports our school but also earns them these fantastic thank you gifts:

  1. Free Westgate T-shirt - Every student gets one!
  2. 🎈 Raise $5 - Wiley, the cute furball friend
  3. 🏖️ Raise $10 - Colorful Beach Ball
  4. 😄 Raise $15 - Plush Emoji Happy Face Keychain
  5. 🦄 Raise $25 - Animal 'Stress Popper' Keychain
  6. 💧 Raise $40 - Westgate Water Bottle
  7. 🌀 Raise $50 - Focus Spinner
  8. 🎒 Raise $75 - Stylish Drawstring Bag
  9. 🏅 Raise $100 - Race Medallion
  10. 🍲Raise $200 - Westgate Apron 
  11. 👕 Raise $250 - Cool Westgate Long-sleeved T-shirt
  12. 🧥 Raise $500 - Trendy Westgate Zip-Up Hoodie

Students' fundraising journey isn't just about individual recognition – it's about showing school spirit, making a difference, and becoming part of a stronger Westgate community. Let's work together to achieve great things! 🌈🙌

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and let's make the Wild Style Fun Run a day to remember.

#WildStyleFunRun #FindYourFitness #WestgateCommunityStrong

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