We're Approved!

We are excited to announce that the Adams 12 Five Star Board of Education unanimously approved, without contingencies, a 5-year renewal of our charter.  This is the longest length renewal that is awarded.

A "charter" is a contract detailing a school’s mission, program, goals, students served, methods of assessment, and ways to measure success between the school and the authorizer. 

Adams 12 Five Star District has been our authorizer since our inception in 2009.  This year marks our 14th year of operation, and this renewal will take us through 2028.

We are honored to continue to offer our community a tuition-free, public-school option that nurtures the whole child with K-12 gifted programming and practices.

Thanks to all the families and staff at Westgate who make this possible.

Mrs. Sharon Collins
​​​​​​​Executive Director