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Employment Opportunities » School Psychologist - immediate opening

School Psychologist - immediate opening

School Psychologist - immediate opening
Westgate Community School, an innovative K-12 school for gifted and creative learners, seeks a full-time School Psychologist for an immediate opening.

A qualified candidate is a licensed School Psychologist in the state of Colorado, familiar with diagnostic testing (administration and score interpretation) and FBA, BIP and behavioral interventions. Candidate must understand the paperwork associated with IEPs and be willing to meet deadlines and work proactively to manage student needs.

The ability to work with students of all ages is highly important. Westgate's school psychologist works with students individually and in groups - a real love of working with kids is critical to this position.

The ideal candidate is a team player, of flexible mindset and holds the best interest of each student in mind. An understanding of gifted and twice-exceptional students is preferred.

Job Type: Full-time
Contact Sharon Collins
Phone: 303 452-0967
Fax: 303 452-4519
12500 Washington Street, Thornton, CO 80241