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Bully Report

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This form is a safe, online tool designed to help improve the culture of our school. Please use this form to report any incidents of bullying at Westgate. The form is sent to the Assistant Principals, Counselor and Restorative Practices Coordinator, and someone will respond as quickly as possible.  

Bullying means that someone has done something to you (or someone else) that meets all the following criteria: 1) it is repeated, 2) it is intended to harm/ hurt, 3) there is a power imbalance.

 If what you are reporting does NOT meet these three things, it might not be bullying. Please start with the following steps:

   1) Report the incident or mean behavior to your Advocate.

  2) Seek the support of the Counselor, if necessary.  


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Is there an imbalance of power? (Ex. Is one person older than the other? Was a group involved?)*
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