Mrs. Schneider, Chemistry


Week of December 4th

How is it December already?  Where did this semester go
Homework: None
Weekly Agenda:
Final Projects will be assigned in Teams at 8:00 AM on Monday December 4th.  Students will have all of their class periods this week to complete their finals; they are allowed to work on them outside of class but should not need to.   FINAL PROJECTS ARE DUE THURSDAY DECEMBER 7TH AT 3:30 PM; NO EXCEPTIONS. 
Please let me know if you have any questions. 

Week of November 27th

This week students will have an introduction to molecules and molecular shape.  
Homework: Vocabulary Unit 5, already assigned in Teams
Weekly Agenda: 
Monday: Introduction to Bonds and Bond Type
Tuesday: Working with Identification of Bonds
Wednesday: Introduction to Molecular Shapes
Thursday: Building of Molecular Shapes Activity
Final Exam: Students will have a project for Chemistry rather than a final test for the Fall semester.  They will have in class time the week of December 4th.  FINALS ARE DUE NO LATER THAN 3 PM ON THURSDAY DECEMBER 7TH; ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS.   

Week of November 20th

Happy Thanksgiving Break!   No classes this week at FRCC or at Westgate.  

Week of November 13th

Welcome to the last full week before break!
Homework: Quantum Numbers Packet
Weekly Agenda: 
Monday: Quantum Number Practice
Tuesday: Unit 5 Pre-Test, and 5.1 Lecture
Wednesday: Unit 5 Lesson 1 Lecture continued
Thursday: Bonding Practice 

Week of November 6th

Welcome to the first full week of November.  Friendly Reminder that there is NO SCHOOL on November 10th, in observance of Veteran's Day
Homework:  Unit 4 Vocabulary -- Teams
Weekly Agenda:
Monday: Nuclear Project Group Presentations and Introduction to Quantum Mechanics 
Tuesday:  Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Number Lecture
Wednesday:  Quantum Number Practice Class Project 
Thursday:  Quantum Number Practice

Week of October 30th

Happy Week of Halloween!
Homework: Nuclear Project Writing Component
Weekly Agenda
Monday:  Begin Nuclear Project Research 
Tuesday:  Candy Corn Experiment  
Wednesday:  Nuclear Project Research Continued
Thursday:  Nuclear Project Research Conclusion and Group Presentations

Week of October 23rd

Happy Hogwarts's Week
Homework: None
Weekly Agenda:
Monday: Mole Day Celebration
Tuesday: Introduction to Electronegativity
Wednesday: Electronegativity Practice
Thursday: Lecture Unit 3 Lesson 2 and Lesson 3

Week of October 16th

Welcome back from Fall Break, and I hope you had a restful time!
Homework: Unit 3 Lesson 2 Check Point Assignment 
Weekly Agenda: 
Monday: Wanted by the Federal Bureau of Elements Activity 
Tuesday:  Electron Configuration Practice
Wednesday: Lecture 3.2 continued
Thursday: Electronegativity Practice 

Week of September 25th

Where as quarter 1 gone, hard to believe this is the last week of the quarter?
Homework: Unit 3 Lesson 1 Check Point Assignment (paper)
Weekly Agenda: 
Monday: Introduction to Electron Configuration 
Tuesday: Electron Configuration Practice
Wednesday: Electron Configuration Practice
Thursday: Informative Writing for Electron Configuration
The last day to turn in any late or missing assignments is Monday October 2nd; which is the first day of Parent Teacher Conferences. 

Week of September 18th

We are going to start really diving into the Periodic Table.
Homework:  Unit 3 Vocabulary in Teams, Unit 3, Lesson 1 Check Point Assignment,
Weekly Agenda:
Monday: Unit 3 Pre-Test, Unit 3 Lesson 1 Lecture started
Tuesday: Unit 3 Lesson 1 Lecture continued 
Wednesday: Electron Configuration Practice
Thursday: Electron Configuration War Card Game

Week of September 11th

We are wrapping up Unit 2 this week.  Students are making amazing progress.
Homework: Unit 2 Practice and Review (paper)
Weekly Agenda:
Monday: Finish working on systems project
Tuesday: Catch up on work day, class has a lot of missing assignments
Wednesday: Review for test
Thursday: TEST for Unit 2

Week of September 4th

We are making progress through Unit 2
Homework: Unit 2 Lesson 2 Check Point Assignment
Weekly Agenda: 
Monday: NO SCHOOL due to Labor Day
Tuesday: Unit 2 Lesson 2 Lecture
Wednesday: Disappearing Spoon Chapter 17
ThursdayIntroduction to Modeling a System Lab Project (Lab attire not required) 

Week of August 28th

Where did August go?
Homework: Unit 2 Vocabulary in Teams and Unit 2 Lesson 1 Check Point Assignment
Weekly Agenda:
Monday: Mrs. Schneider out -- finishing Unit 1 End of Unit Project
Tuesday: Unit 2 Pre-Test and beginning of Unit 2 Lesson 1 Lecture
Wednesday: Chemical vs Physical Properties Activity
Thursday: Pure vs Mixture vs Compound Lab --- LAB ATTIRE REQUIRED
* Curriculum Night August 31st from 5 PM until 6 PM -- Virtual Only.  We will send out the link very soon. 
Friendly Reminder there will not be school on Monday September 4th.  

Week of August 21st

Welcome to the first week of Front Range!
Homework: Unit 1 Vocabulary -- Teams Assignment
Weekly Agenda: 
Monday: Introduction to Chemistry Equipment and Metric Conversions
Tuesday: Metric Conversion Practice
Wednesday: Significant Figures and Percent Error Practice
Thursday: Summary Activity

Week of August 14th

Welcome back!  I hope you had an amazing summer and are ready to hit the ground running this school year. 
Homework: None 
Weekly Agenda: 
Monday: Syllabus, supply distribution, orientation, etc. 
Tuesday: Sub will be covering the class as Mrs. Schneider will be teaching in other areas of the building. Beginning of the year assessment test
Wednesday: Sub will be covering the class as Mrs. Schneider will be teaching in other areas of the building. Finish the Beginning of the year test and complete a lab safety activity. 
Thursday: No class due to Art Museum Field Trip