Mr. Gale, Language Arts, 3rd Grade


Mr. Gale's Literacy 4/29

This week, students will write an opinion paragraph about where they think their teacher should go on vacation. They will then turn this into a PowerPoint presentation and present it. 
We will also be starting readers' theater. They will be collaborating with 4th grade to practice their roles. 

Gale's Literacy 1/22/24

This week students will:
Phonics: decoding words with diphthongs /oi/ and /ou/
Reading: Identifying the main idea in our novel studies
Vocabulary: Identify, decode, spell, and use suffixes properly
Writing: Students will be writing a compare and contrast paragraph on two different animals of their choice. 

Gale Literacy 11/6/23

This week we will be working on:
Phonics: decoding words with letters with silent letters
Reading: novel study groups, making inferences, citing relevant evidence from a text, inferring the theme of a text. and identifying and using text features
Vocabulary: using similes to compare two things that are different
Writing: finish opinion writing; start expository writing

Gale's literacy 10/23/23

Phonics: decoding words with long e (e, ee, ea, ie, ey)
Reading: novel study groups, making inferences, citing relevant evidence from a text, and practicing rereading to understand something further. 
Vocabulary: prefixes; types of nouns
Writing: Drafting and editing 

Gale's Literacy 9/5/23

This week we will start writing our personal narratives about what we want to do when we grow up. We will take this piece of writing through the entire writing process of planning, drafting, editing, and publishing. 
For reading, we will look at different text features to help us comprehend different stories. For our book study, we will analyze the different characters in our book and their motives.
For spelling, we will be practicing short a and short e sounds. At the end of the week, we will take a spelling test. Here are our spelling words this week.