Ms. Paula Koenig, Language Arts, 2nd Grade


Literacy February 5-9

Hello families,
The following week we will be practicing the patterns: /igh/, /ie/, and /y/ 
Here are some words you can practice at home:
cry, flight, try, night, fly, right, shy, knight, might, dry, shy, fry, right, bright, high, pie, tie, tried, fries, flies. 
For writing, students are learning how to write friendly letters. So far, we wrote letters to family members, friends and teachers. Next week, we will write letters to our favorite author and our favorite book characters. Should be fun!!! 

Sound and spelling patterns for the week of 09/11 - 09/15: /ng/, /nk/ and inflectional ending /ing/. 
We will be practicing words with these spelling patterns this week. We will have a spelling test on Friday. Feel free to practice these spelling patterns with your student at home. 
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. 
Thank you.