Ms. Emby-Goodwine, Social Studies, 3rd Grade, Section B


Week of 11/13

Hello families!
This week we started our unit on the Revolutionary War! We have been learning about the reasons why colonists were frustrated with King George, and the events that lead up to the official start of the Revolutionary War.
Over the next few weeks, we will dive deeper into the history of the Revolutionary War. You can support by asking your students about what they've learned in Social Studies! As of now, they should be able to explain why the colonists were upset, and what the Stamp Act of 1765 was. We'll be discussing the Boston Tea Party, French and Indian War, and much more! Yesterday we had a fun demonstration of taxation without representation, which stirred a lot of passionate feelings in our students! We'll continue to have fun with history throughout the unit.

Week of 10/23

Hello families!
This quarter in social studies we are diving into American history. We will cover Native American history, early American history (revolutionary war, civil war), women's history, and black history.
This week in social studies we started our Native American research unit! Students are working in groups to research a Native American Tribe so we can put the information in our pod to educate the rest of our community. We will be continuing this work through the next week, and then move into studying Native American regions. 

Week of 9/25

Hello families!
This week in social studies we are wrapping up our unit on geography. We've studied maps, directions, continents and regions, and we are finishing our unit with a research project on the 50 states! 

Every student is assigned to their own state and will be researching their state and presenting about their state over the course of the next week.
After we return from break, we'll be diving into American History! 

Week of 9/18

Hello families!
This week in social studies we are focusing in deeper on United States Geography. We will be studying regions Monday and Tuesday, and starting a research project on a specific state on Monday. We will be trying to cover all 50 states in our project so that each state is represented!

Week of 9/11

Hello families!

This week in social studies will be finishing up our study of continents and you should see some student-created maps coming home in the next few days.

We will be starting a study of the United States, specifically looking at each state and doing a research project that will allow us to travel across the United States (metaphorically). You can support at home by asking what your student knows about maps and why maps are helpful and important. They can also tell you some geographical features of the continent that they made a map of this week.

After wrapping up our continents study, we will be focusing on more specific and local geography!

Week of 9/5

Hello families!
This week in social studies we will be working on geographical features across continents. We will be mapping new continents each day, and on Friday we will be starting a project where we will create a large world map including continents and geographical features. By the end of the week, students should be able to label a blank world map with continent and ocean names. You can support at home by going back on this edlio to find the games that I posted last week. These games support with students identifying and labeling continents correctly, and they thought they were pretty fun!