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March 2023

Welcome new familes to our Westgate community! We are excited to have you and your family be a part of our school.
We would like to introduce you to our monthly online newsletter for new families, which will come out on the second Thursday of each month. This newsletter is specifically for new families. Begining in July, we'll transition to one newsletter for both our new and returning families which will come out on the first Thursday of each month.  And don't worry, we'll send a reminder when a new edition comes out.
This newsletter is a great way to stay informed about important updates, upcoming events, and other school-related news. It will also showcase some of the amazing things our students and staff are accomplishing. We encourage you to read the newsletter regularly to stay connected with our school community. Thank you for choosing our school, and we look forward to a successful and engaging school year!
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  • March 13 - March 24:  NO SCHOOL - Spring Break!
  • April 5:  Spirit Night @SkateCity in Northglenn from 5p-7p
  • April 6:  Spirit Night @Tokyo Joes in Westminster from 4p-8:30p
  • April 7:  Shakespeare in the Parking Lot - Macbeth
  • April 12:  NO SCHOOL for High School Grades 9/10/12
  • April 12:  SAT for 11th grade students
  • April 13:  NO SCHOOL for High School Grades 10/11/12
  • April 13:  PSAT for 9th grade students
  • April 14:  NO SCHOOL for High School Grades 9/11/12
  • April 14:  PSAT for 10th grade students
  • Link to the school calendar is at the bottom of the page
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No More Training Wheels: Rising Kindergartners Can Graduate to Independent Toileting and Car Seat Belt Release!
by Ms. Cassie Seybold, K-4 Asisstant Principal and Gifted Coordinator
We are excited to have your student join us in the Fall! While independence grows as our children do, coming to kindergarten can be a big jump for some children. Academics are not the only areas where kindergarten readiness is important. Children are whole humans and have many areas of growth that may come asynchronously. You can help set them up for success in kindergarten by increasing their independence at home in areas that will help them to be more independent at school. While both preschool academics and the beginnings of self-advocacy skills are important for students to have as they enter kindergarten, other areas to consider like toileting and navigating the carline experience are just as important. 

Independent toileting is essential for kindergarten students. They need to be able to get to and from the bathroom independently, after learning the building of course, and they need to be able to both use the bathroom and wash their hands independently, whether going #1 or #2. Many young children have help with wiping, washing, and changing clothes (in the event of an accident) at home but that level of assistance is not provided in an elementary school so practicing at home now will help set your child up for success when they arrive here in the Fall. 

Another area of independence that is very helpful for starting kindergarten is being able to get in and out of the car and in and out of their car seat on their own. Carline moves fast and it is essential that it do so for all students to transition efficiently and safely between home and school, and then between school and home each day. Starting now with building independence for young children in this area will help carline to move smoothly and take less time for all students and parents once school begins. 

Kindergarten Readiness is BIG and has many facets. There are many articles and blogs on the following website that can help with knowing how to build independence at home and in what areas as your child moves closer to beginning kindergarten. We can’t wait to support their continued growth here at Westgate!
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Westgate Staff Members Set to Inspire at National ASCD Conference with Innovative Presentation!
Westgate's Executive Director, Mrs. Sharon Collins and our two school counselors, Ms. Autumn Washington and Ms. Alexa Kinslow were invited to present at the national ASCD confernce here in Denver on April 1st.  They'll cover how our whole-human approach means wellness support for all people in the school through the tenets of Mind, Body and Community.
Sharon, Autumn and Alexa will talk about how this happens every day in every room in the building to support a positive, inclusive culture for students, staff, and families.
And, they will show how a whole-human approach pays forward by allowing all people to be their authentic selves, keeping educators connected and grounded in work while reminding the audience of what’s really important—your students!
The goal is for other educators across the nation to walk away that day with ideas to implement tomorrow and others to put into place over time to keep the whole human central to the mission.
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Honk if You Love School Carline: A Brief Look at Westgate's Process
  • School begins at 8 a.m. and the doors open at 7:50 a.m.
  • School ends at 3:30 p.m. and all students should be picked up by 4 p.m.
  • Every family has a car tag number; we call students down from the classroom based on your tag number
  • We have two lines - younger students are picked up from one line only
  • The total time from start to finish is under 30 minutes.  Thanks to all families for not coming all at once!
  • Car tag distribution and more information will be provided as we get closer to the first day of school
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Academic Calendar:  When Can I Schedule Vacation?
This calendar will detail all holidays, break periods, professional days, conference dates, the first and last day of school, and term dates for Front Range Community College.
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