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Reporting Obligations

Reporting Obligations of Allegations of Sexual Harassment

Students, parents or guardians, and other non-employees who witness suspected sexual harassment are encouraged to report it immediately to a teacher or building administrator to assist the school’s sexual harassment prevention efforts.


When a school employee receives a report of alleged sexual harassment from any source, the school is deemed to have actual notice of the allegation. All school employees must notify the Title IX Coordinator of any reports of alleged sexual harassment they receive immediately when practical and not later than 24 hours following receipt of a report. All relevant information the school employee receives (names, dates, locations, and details) must be provided to the Title IX Coordinator. Such information can be provided to the Title IX Coordinator in person, by mail, via phone, or email, using the Title IX Coordinator’s contact information and can be made 24 hours a day, seven (7) days a week via voicemail or email. When practicable, the details of the report to the Title IX Coordinator shall also be provided to the executive director.


Some conduct qualifying as sexual harassment (particularly conduct involving physical or sexual violence) may also qualify as child abuse or neglect, even when another child may be responsible for the abuse. Before undertaking their responsibilities under AD 12 District Policy 8410, an employee must determine whether observed or alleged conduct gives rise to reasonable cause to believe that child abuse or neglect has occurred or is occurring, triggering the employee’s mandatory reporting obligation under state law and AD 12 District Policy 5540. If at any point during the grievance process, an employee determine they have cause to believe child abuse or neglect has occurred or is occurring, the employee must immediately take steps necessary to satisfy the employee’s mandatory reporting obligations.


To report allegations of sexual harassment, please fill out the Sexual Harassment Incident Report.