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Dear Families, It is an honor and a joy to work with your children at Westgate. Thank you for this privilage. I am originally from North Carolina where I studied Geography and GIS. I moved to California after finishing my undergraduate work, and worked in software development for four years while doing search and rescue, and wildland firefighting in my spare time. After having my daughter, I became increasingly interested in early childhood education and decided to work for my Master of Education degree in elementary education with a focus on early childhood. I have a daughter and a son of my own, and absolutely love working with children. I do believe that children are the future, and I am so grateful to be a part of their learning experience. Thank you for all that you do to support, encourage, care for, and love your children. Kindest regards, Amber


Recent Posts

Week of January 14th, 2019

This week in math, our aim is to solidify the previous work we've done learning to skip count. So, we will really focus to strengthen counting by 2's, 5's, and 10's in math. One fun way to reinforce this at home, is to find things that make sense to count by 2's, etc. For example, while doing your laundry, you might gather up all your child's socks and first you could work with your child to count the individual socks, then sort them into pairs and count them by 2's. Bonus! The words count, pairs, and twos are vocabulary words we'll be working on, so you'll be reinforcing those as you do the laundry!

Week of January 14th, 2019

This week in literacy, we are learning to write declarative sentences, all about the letter Bb, the plural -s, and the memory word of.
To support your child at home, you can checkout online and explore the letter Bb lesson there. Also, you can let your child use the Superkids Online Fun for the new unit too.

Week of January 14th, 2019

In Social Studies this week, we begin our maps and globes unit. We will begin with learning similarities and differences between maps and globes. Then, we will start with thinking about our houses, do some maps of special places in our homes, and school. Then we will take a look at different types of homes around the world and use the globe to get perspective on their location in relationship to us. At home, you can support your child by looking for maps that you use regularly. You could show your child your car's navigation system or play with the features in google maps. If you have photos of houses grandparents lived in, for example, you could compare their home to your current home.

January Update

Welcome back!

This month's advocacy topic is self-regulation! We will be reviewing our unit from the beginning of the year on identifying emotions and then we will be figuring out what to do when we feel those emotions rising up within us!

Because it is a new semester, your child will be seeing some new faces. The kindergarten team has shuffled up every class to make sure we are supporting each child in every aspect. Feel free to have conversations with your child about this, some may be sad that their friend is not in their class anymore and others will be figuring out how to be in a new classroom. You should have received an email from your Advocacy teacher if your child is one that will be moved.



Class picture day- January 18th- picture forms coming home next week. 

NO SCHOOL January 21st for Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Friday January 25th is JA in a Day- If you wish to volunteer please contact or see our website for more info.

Weekly Update 12/14/18

This is the last week before break! We have had a lot of crafty fun, and it's always fun to get out the globe for social studies to really get that whole world perspective. The kids have learned about Africa, Europe, India, and some about North and South America. They have learned why light is such a common practice in celebrating toward the arrival of winter, and what the winter solstice means. In the last week, our learning will be about Christmas and finding many of the places on the globe that celebrate Christmas. They have really taken pride in carefully constructing their holiday artifacts. They have turned out very well. We hope you'll enjoy using them to decorate your own homes over the winter break.
To support your kids at home, keep telling them about your traditions, how they started, where they came from, and what they mean to you.
The conference sign up was closed Friday at 4pm, and if you need to coordinate a conference time, email me at

Weekly Update 12/17/18

This week is our last week before break! We will finish up the semester with a focus on base 10 with an emphasis on tens and ones. We will be playing a game called Riddle Me This where the kids will be solving riddles that include the concept.
To support at home, you can use, and to work on math games with your child. They get to use this in class on occasion and really enjoy it.
The conference sign up was closed Friday at 4pm, and if you need to coordinate a conference time, email me at

Advocacy Reminder

This week is our winter party.
Please sign up to volunteer or donate if you haven't already!
Remember, if you volunteer, you have to have a submitted background check that cleared. 
An addition to this party is that it is a PAJAMA PARTY! 
Students are allowed to wear their pajama's on Thursday for school. 
Also, if you haven't already, the food and coat drive ends this Thursday! Make sure you bring donations before then!
The conference sign up was closed Friday at 4pm, and if you need to coordinate a conference time, email me at

Weekly Update 12/17/18

This week is our last week before break! We have raced through the last Superkid Hot Rod, and will finish up the semester with Us. This unit is about the whole Superkids club. 
To support your child at home, focus on recognizing, tracing the letter Uu, and listening for its' sound in words. Also, you can access all the units on the Superkids online fun!
The conference sign up was closed Friday at 4pm, and if you need to coordinate a conference time, email me at

Weekly Update 12/10/18

We continue working with winter holidays around the world with a focus on the winter solstice and Christmas. We are incorporating our advocacy work on gratitude as we learn about the holidays and why they are celebrated. The concepts fit really nicely together. You can support at home by reading books and talking with your kids about your personal experiences with these holidays. 
Have a great weekend!

Weekly Update 12/10/18

In math, our objectives for the week are: using story problems to add and subtract, add and subtract fluently and quickly within five, and with objects within ten. Ways to support at home are to find opportunities when you are eating or playing with your kids to have them take some items, count them, put some more, count those and then see how many there are all together. We are talking about taking numbers apart, so also show them how you can have a bunch of things, take some away and see what is left.

Weekly Update 12/10/18

In literacy we are learning about the letter Hh with Hot Rod. Children will practice writing Uppercase and Lowercase Hh, learning the memory word the, and continue practicing making lists. The best way to support them at home, is to give them access to the Superkids Online Fun. You can also help kids recognize when you are out-and-about and find fun words with the /h/ sound in it :)
Have a great weekend!

Weekly Update 12/3/2018

This week, we will finish making our Kwanzaa Kinaras and then begin learning about the Winter Solstice and Hanukkah. At home, you can support your child by looking at a world map with them, and showing them India and Africa in relation to their location to America on the map. Most of the children are most familiar with Colorado, so you can also reinforce that Colorado is with the United States on the North American continent. We have used the globe in class to locate India (for Diwali) and Africa (for Kwanzaa).

Weekly Update 12/3/2018

This week in math, we will work with decomposing numbers 11-19 into tens and ones. To support your child at home, when they are playing with a quantity of items greater than ten, you can demonstrate making groups of ten, count how many groups of ten there are, and then how many ones you have left over. You could ask your child to write the final numeral that represents that quantity, or if they aren't confident enough to write it yet, write it for them.

Weekly Update 12/3/2018

This week in Literacy, we will be learning about our friend Ettabetta where we will be learning the letter Ee and the sound it makes. Don't forget about Superkids online! Please email me if you can't access it and need more instruction! It is a great resource, especially with our big winter break coming up! 

December Update

This month in Advocacy, we are talking about Optimism and Gratitude. This is a great month for us to be positive and thankful!

We will be doing some fun activities around the language we use in the classroom and how it can be optimism or pessimism. We will also do some perspective taking and an action advent calendar counting down to break!


Our winter party is the last day of school- December 20th. Please sign up if you wish to help provide food or volunteer!


This week we are having our Holiday gift shop. In Friday Folders you will find a gift list you can fill out and help your child pre-buy items for family members. If you wish to simply send money, you can do that as well and I will give your child a chance to go down and look around some point next week.


Please make sure you sign up for parent teacher conferences-



December 3-7: Holiday Shop

December 20th: Half day for students- Pick up at 11:30

December 20th: 1pm-8pm Parent teacher conferences

December 21st: 8am-8pm Parent teacher conferences

December 24th- January 11th NO SCHOOL- Winter break

Welcome to kindergarten! 
I am Mrs. Bratt.
This is my second year at Westgate Community  School, and I am abundantly joyful at what we will be learning in kindergarten this year. We have an amazing and energetic team.  This is going to be a fantastic year!
I am originally from North Carolina, and moved to Colorado via California in 2007. I have a B.S. in Geography, a M.Ed. in elementary education, and an ECE Professional II certification. I've been working in early childhood classrooms for approximately nine years.
I feel fortunate to say that I have a funny and brilliant daughter, an adorable and sweet son, a loyal cattle dog, and a friendly guinea pig. 
I am honored to be a part of your childrens' early learning experiences.