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I am very excited to be part of all that Westgate school has to offer this year! I am a University of Dayton graduate and studied middle childhood education Language Arts and Science. Since graduating, I have had the opportunity to work in a variety of educational settings and with a broad spectrum of student populations. This will be my second year teaching Physical Education full time and I am very excited!
In my free time, I enjoy hanging with my wife and dog, going on hikes, skiing, playing competitive softball and soccer, fishing and fly tying, and kayaking. 


Welcome Back!

Welcome back Westgate PE students. I am very excited to see everyone this year, I feel like it has been FOREVER! While we will not be seeing each other in person, we will still be getting together online and putting in some work. 
I wanted to make sure that everyone knows to check out YOUR class page posts for weekly updates/assignments. I will also be using TEAMS and FLIPGRID. I made a little intro video for Flipgrid/Team and it will be posted onto your Teams feed along with a 5-8 grading policy. 
During orientation, you will be getting some PE equipment to use at home. Please make sure you take good care of these items(ball, jump rope, paper plates) and have them around when you come into class, as we will be using them throughout the rotation. 
Looking forward to seeing everyone during our first class meeting 8/24! 

Tips for Staying Active as a Family

Photo Submission

Hello Everyone, 
I just wanted to encourage everyone to send their 'workout/physical activity photos' to Mrs. Holly Peterson so that she can put them up on our website and share with one another how we are all staying active during these strange times. 
Feel free to send any photos to: [email protected]

Family Step Challenge???

Hello Everyone, 
I just wanted to share that my wife and I have been having step challenges each day. We will set a goal for ourselves and then try to reach that goal. Just a fun easy way to stay active and slightly competitive. It is not necessary but I would encourage you to purchase a pedometer to keep track of your steps throughout the day. Definitely not required, but I wanted to throw it out there. 
Here is a cheap pedometer from amazon that would do the trick:

Office Hours Thursday 9-10am

Phillip Wise is inviting you to a  Zoom meeting.
Topic: Office Hours
Email for link and password to join!

Office Hours- Tuesdays 9-10am

Phillip Wise is inviting you to a  Zoom meeting.
Topic: Office Hours

Email for the link and password to join!

Week 4-March 9-March 13

Students will be ice skating this week. We will be joined by the Apex Rec Center coaches who will be teaching the students how to skate. 
Please make sure you wear appropriate socks!!

Conference Sign Up!!

If you would like to come talk with the specials teachers during conferences. Please visit Mr. Hopson's class page and use the link to sign up for an available time slot! 
Hope to see you soon!