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I am very excited to be part of all that Westgate school has to offer this year! I am a University of Dayton graduate and studied middle childhood education Language Arts and Science. Since graduating, I have had the opportunity to work in a variety of educational settings and with a broad spectrum of student populations. This will be my second year teaching Physical Education full time and I am very excited!
In my free time, I enjoy hanging with my wife and dog, going on hikes, skiing, playing competitive softball and soccer, fishing and fly tying, and kayaking. 


Recent Posts

Parent Focus Group

Parents! THIS Thursday, September 6th, Amanda Novak and Generation Schools Network are hosting a Parent & Student Focus Group about topics such as bullying, social emotional learning, and more. Join us for meaningful conversation and DONUTS on Thursday morning from 8:15am-9:15am. We need your input - your voices matter!

JUMP ROPE FOR HEART 1/2 way point

Dear Parents—
Our school is in FULL Jump Rope For Heart swing with the American Heart Association.We are just about half way through our 4 weeks and have already met our online school goal of : $1500!  Way to go! Thanks for all your time and effort raising funds for this amazing organization. If you have not already, and would like to, make your child a member of the #ScareSquad & help us fight heart disease! Don’t forget to register & join in on the heart healthy fun, it’s easy! Go to or download the Jump/Hoops App (App Store for iPhone or Google Play for Android).
Thanks for making our community heart healthy!

JUMP ROPE FOR HEART! Jan 17th-Feb14th

The students took part in the Jump Rope for Heart Kick Off Event on Wednesday the 17th. A rep from JR4Heart came in and did a little presentation describing for the students how to take care of their heart and how to raise money for the American Heart Association. To raise awareness, we took several minutes at the end of the presentation and each student received a paper heart cut out. They were encouraged to write the name of someone they would like to 'Jump For/Jump in Honor of.' Many students wrote their grandparents and several had relatives that died from a heart attack or heart disease. 
The whole idea behind Jump Rope for heart is to get the students thinking about ways that they can keep their own hearts healthy (each monster represents a different way) as well as how they can help other people who have heart disease, by raising money for the American Heart Association. 
Students were asked, not obligated,  to collect donations and in return they would get 'Thank you Gifts' from American Heart Association for their hard work and energy collecting donations. 
Jump Rope for Heart was very excited about this years thank you gifts (the monsters) and how they would help motivate the students to collect donations. So yes, the monsters are supposed to be incentives/motivators for the students to collect donations to help people with 'sick hearts.' 
You can collect donations online, by setting up your account (visit or by collecting cash/checks (which are to be put in the envelope) and sent back to school on Feb 14th. 
Most thank you gifts are sent to the students sometime after the final event on Feb 14th. I will send the envelopes to the AHA, they will count the money and put together Thank You Gift Bags filled with the prizes that were earned. 
**Several gifts are instant gifts. You can qualify for an instant gift if:
-You set up your online account-receive a bracelet
-You get your first online donation-receive 'Charger keychain'
-You reach $40 online donations-receive 'Disco keychain'
-You collect $5 and have your parents fill out the coupon (on the front page of the envelope) and bring it to your advisory teacher.-receive Jax and clip
All other gifts are sent out after the conclusion of the event. 
Hope this clears it up a little. Let me know if you have more questions. 
Envelopes are returned to myself on Feb. 14th. 

Week 1-2

It was so great to see most everyone at the Fun Run! We have some future cross country stars in the making here at Westgate. Maybe I should have you guys do more running in PE :). 
It was a great week in PE here at Westgate Community School. These students are working hard and breaking a sweat each class period. I am very proud of the effort I have seen on Workout Wednesdays. Keep it up. 
Remember that pretty much every workout station we do in PE can be replicated at home, there is little to no equipment required, and you can get a full body workout in in under 20 minutes. Email me if you would like a copy of the exercises for your own reference. 
We are trying to get a #FitwithFamily board going and filled with pictures of our students having fun being active. Please send in pictures of the students having fun being active. Anything from walking the dog around the block to playing in the swimming pool to Karate Class. The goal is to get the students to recognize the different ways you can be active and how fun it can be! 

Week 3

Thank you to all the students who were of help to the Substitute teachers Tuesday and Wednesday! I really appreciate it and it says a lot about the character of the students here at Westgate. 
Please continue to send in #FitwithFamily photos for our bulletin board..It is looking rather scarce. I know everyone is active outside of school and I would like us to be able to share the ways that we are active with one another. 
Also, please email me if you have any 'gently used' or unused workout equipment. We are always looking to add new workouts to our Workout Wednesday training circuit. We are looking for jump ropes, medicine ball, therapy balls, ankle weights, free weights, weighted vests, etc. Please shoot me an email if you have anything you are willing to donate. 
Have a wonderful weekend! 

Week 2- Aug 14th-18th

 What a great week we had last week! It was so great to get to know everyone and see everyone moving around and working hard. Let's carry that momentum into this upcoming week and continue to work towards our fitness goals! 
I wanted to let everyone know that we will be putting together a #FitwithFamily bulletin board up in the gym. I encourage you to send in pictures of the family being fit and exercising together. Anything from swimming in the pool to walking the dog around the block. 
The goal is to raise everyones awareness as to the many ways that people exercise and how fun exercise can be! 
Please send in pictures and lets get this board started! I will post updates of the board once we get it going. 
Have a wonderful week! 
-If you do not like something, change it. If you cannot change it, change the way you think about it :)