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Title: 2019 Trunk or Treat: Looking Back
Date: 11/12/19
Author: Jobe Hatton
We all remember this years' Trunk or Treat, right? But not all of us were there to experience the great memories that came along with it. Thankfully, one of our awesome journalists managed to capture the moment through photography. Here are our highlights!
Title: Trends 11/5/19
Date: 11/5/19
Author: Julian Penders
There are trends everywhere, even at Westgate. An example of a trend is the fidget spinner, which was popular in 2016. The fidget spinner is a unique toy designed to help people fidget, but it's good at annoying teachers, too. There are many types of fidget spinners, and some only have two barrings. 
This week's trend is Bayblades. This started in the beginning of the year when Bayblades made their official comeback. Now that we're in the middle of the semester, there's at least one kid in every class playing with them.
If you have any trends you want to be included on the Westgate Wilder, feel free to click the link on the page for submitting work! If you don't give your name, you'll be listed as anonymous if we publish your trend. See you next week!
About the Staff
Meet The Staff of the Wilder: The Wilder staff is comprised of 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students led by High School editors and Teaching staff.
Wilder Sponsor: Miss Nieto
"When I make a PB&J, I put peanut butter on both pieces of bread."
Wilder President: Olivia Porta (Grade, 11)
"I prefer ankle socks over other socks."
Wilder Staff Writers: 
Rylee Anderson (Grade, 8)
"My favorite smell is blueberry."
Alisa Huddleston (Grade, 8)
"My favorite dinner food is iceberg lettuce."
Jobe Hatton (Grade, 7)
"I want to be in the Navy."
Julian Penders (Grade, 6)
"I like light blue more that dark blue."
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