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High School Service Trips

2017-2018 High School Service Trips were a GREAT success!

Seniors traveled to BELIZE in Mid May. During their stay at the EcoMar Research Lab, our students supported research efforts for Sea Turtles and Manatees, they surveyed conchs, and they worked to promote manatee safety. 

Juniors traveled to Taos, New Mexico in Mid May where they built a house with Habitat for Humanity and toured amazing locations like the Earth Ship and Taos Pueblo.
Sophomores traveled right up the road to Fort Collins where they worked with wolves. At the W.O.L.F. Sanctuary, the Sophomores were able to help clear land for the new development and work with wolves on the existing land.
Freshmen spent some time collecting waste in the Adams County Open Spaces. Despite a torrential downpour a lightning storm, our freshmen were tremendously gracious and kind supporting Adams County. We thank Adams County for their support of Westgate over the years. 
For those of you who generously donated to any of these causes... THANK YOU! We could not have done any of these amazing trips without your support.