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Board Recruitment/Nominating Committee


Beginning in January 2020, the Westgate Governance Board of Directors (BOD) will be seeking parents and/or outside community members interested in joining the BOD for a 3-year term (1-year term for outside community members) beginning in July every summer. Elections for the BOD are held in April of each year. Joining the board is a fun way to make a difference in our fabulous WCS community. 


The BOD commitment is approximately 10 hours a month of work and includes attendance at Board meetings (once or twice a month for a business meeting and potentially a working session/committee meeting on Tuesday evenings at 6:30 p.m. throughout the year). Prior experience is not necessary. We are interested in candidates with all skill sets and backgrounds who want to help and be involved with our school.

Events & Fundraising Committee

More information about Events and Fundraising at WCS is available here: WCS Events and Fundraising

Grants Committee

Finance Committee

School Accountability Committee

More information about WCS's School Accountability Committee is available here: WCS School Accountability Committee