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Ms. Ledden

As an avid lover of the outdoors and education, I was so excited to join the Westgate Community school! Originally from California, I hold a Bachelor of Arts from UC Davis. This is where my love for outdoor education started in this amazing sustainable community. After graduation, I moved to Colorado to pursue my master’s in Reading/Writing curriculum with a literacy and culturally linguistically diverse education focus. I have taught literacy and ELD for over 11 years, and am a huge advocate for hands-on learning, fostering curiosity and creativity in every one of my students!  


In my free time, you can find me writing poetry, gardening, biking, reading, traveling, and adventuring outdoors. I am here to inspire, empower, and ignite our young leaders to be whoever they desire to be.  


“Every day is a new page in this book called life, and the author of this book is you.” Ms. Ledden