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English Language Arts

Welcome to Mr. Garlock’s English Language Arts Class!


Course Description:

This year we will have the opportunity to explore a variety of texts, building our critical thinking, reading and writing skills through collaborative learning opportunities. As we dive into the world of reading and writing, I hope you continue to make connections to experiences you have had, historical events, and things you have learned in other classes (Math, Science, Social Studies). There is something in this class for everyone! Just keep an open mind, ask questions, and share your ideas. I look forward to working with all of you and cannot wait to see the amazing things you come up with this year!


About Mr. Garlock:

I grew up in Virginia where I studied English, Criminal Justice, and Business at Virginia Commonwealth University before obtaining my Master’s in Secondary English Education at George Mason University. Like you, I have many interests including reading, writing, information systems, criminal law and much more. Outside of school I am an avid sports fan and have always played and coached sports. Primarily soccer, basketball, and track. During the weekend I am usually riding my bike, hiking, on the slopes or at the soccer fields. Finally, I always enjoy hearing about what you are reading or watching. Tell me about your favorite or least favorite character in a show or text. What makes it great?