Science Week 3/15-3/19

This week students will be doing some deeper investigation on the continental drift
Monday 3/15
Part 1: (done during social studies time)
I can compare and investigate different kinds of rocks
  • Compare and investigate rocks with the class
  • Use "Rock Findings" to help you take notes
Part 2: (done during science time)
  • Warm-up: List as many facts as you can about tectonic plates.
  • Investigate tectonic plates with the class on BrainPOP
Tuesday 3/16
    Warm-up: How could the world have looked different when dinosaurs roamed the earth? How did dinosaurs end up on different continents when we now have large oceans separating them?
  • Complete the "Is Pangea real? Investigation"
    • "What do you think happened?" worksheet
    • Continental puzzle
    • "Chart your findings" worksheet
Wednesday 3/17
  • Warm-up: If California broke off of North America, would it be a new continent? Why or why not?
  • Complete continental drift notes
  • Complete 3/17 - Exit ticket
Thursday 3/18
No school
Friday 3/19
No school