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Staff Profile

This is my second career and I'm so excited to be working in education.  Before becoming a Westgate employee in 2019, I volunteered here for about six years.  I served on the Board of Directors for over four years; with three years as the treasurer.  Additionally, I volunteered on the development side by finding grant opportunities that aligned with Westgate's mission, writing the grants and managing the submission packages.  My paying job at the time was as a full-time Soldier with the Colorado Army National Guard.  During my military career, I served in a variety of positions from my initial enlisted assignment as a Single Channel Radio Operator to Public Affairs Officer.  My last assignment was as a Strategic Planner where I was the military liaison with the Colorado Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel.  I am a combat veteran and have had the opportunity to deploy around the world but am glad to now be in a job that is close to my home and my heart!