The Coop

Tales from the Coop - 12/10/21 
It finally snowed!!! 
The animals did great with their first snow in the new pens. For our baby goats and 2 of our chickens, this is their first snow ever! 
Leaves play a crucial role at the coop. Our tenders collect leaves in the Fall and we store them to use when it snows. 
The goats get a pile of leaves to munch on. The chickens get leaves to mark a path from the opening in their coop to the feed and water. 
The natural flow of materials from one season to the next is truly beautiful. What happens in the Fall sets us up for Winter! And the moisture we get in the winter sets us up for Spring. 
Luna eating leaves
Chickens at the coop Cluck Vader at the coop
Tales from the Coop - October 27th, 2021 
Luna's babies were born October 9th! She gave birth to 2 boys early in the morning all by herself. 
They are doing great and everyone is so in love. 
Luna with her babies Henry and Marshmallow
Tales from the Coop - September 17, 2021
We have 2 new chickens on campus. They are 3 months old so they will start laying in a couple months. Mrs. Valenza sent out a survey to all students and staff to choose which names to give our sweet ladies. 
Without further ado, here are our Westgate Chickens...
One of our new chickens   This Maran hen is named Cluck Vader. 
One of our new chickens.   This Easter Egger hen is named Hen Solo. 
Tales from the Coop - August 26, 2021  
Luna came back to Westgate this past Monday. She's as sweet as ever and also pregnant! She'll be going to the vet next week to get all the vaccinations needed to have her babies at the end of September. 
We also have 2 barn cats. These are working cats that will help mitigate any rodent problems. They currently live exclusively in the barn so they can establish that this is where they live. Our tenders give them food every day and empty the litterboxes. We've only seen glimpses of them because they like to hide! 
There are 2 chickens scheduled to come live at Westgate next week. Mrs. Valenza will slowly be adding more chickens throughout the next couple weeks. 
our goat, Luna
COOP UPDATE - May 7th 
Moving is a fun but challenging time for everyone, even animals!
As we prepare the animals' new pens, we felt it would be best if they enjoyed a bit of summer vacation. The chickens and goats have been temporarily placed in a few great homes and will be taken care of as they anticipate the reveal of their new homes. 
We will keep you posted on their adventures as well as the big reveal in August of their new pens. 
A BIG thank you to all the tenders this year who endured every weather element you can think of to take care of our beloved animals!


Tales from the Coop - March 31st 
Today was the day to fill up their feed buckets. 
The chickens get a mixture of - Layer Crumbles, Performance Supplement, and Omega Egg Maker. These 3 things combined give the ladies a variety of textures, nutrients, and minerals. 
The goats get a mixture of Goat Feed and the same Performance Supplement the chickens get. I've tried adding in other things to their feed but they are quite picky! 
Tales from the Coop - March 8th 
Some of the ladies took some time to bathe themselves today!  They use dirt, ash, and a specific dust bath called diatomaceous earth to give themselves a bath. It can be a little weird to see a chicken laying down at first, then it's pretty funny. 
They lay down and then use their feet and beak to get the dirt mixture all up in their feathers. Kind of like an elephant! 
Tales from the Coop - February 2nd, 2021
The weather has been wonderful the past few days! The goats have gotten out on some grazing walks around the coop area.
Luna has been pretty stubborn and would rather use the dirt to itch her neck and back. 
Lupe was trying to lick the scratch block in the chicken pen. Joan (the chicken in the picture below) was very intrigued by Lupe and just stared at her the whole time. 
Tales from the Coop - January 20, 2021 
The coop got a new sign! A few students from Mr. Baldwin's 4th grade class submitted designs and this one was voted on by the coop tenders. It was designed by Irie Snyder. 
Tales from the Coop - Tuesday, January 5th, 2021
The chickens got a new feeder! It is a suet bird feeder repurposed for all the greens and veggies the tenders bring for them. Instead of placing the greens (lettuce, kale, carrot tops, etc) on the ground or in a bucket we can put them in this feeder. It gives the chickens a little extra something to do with their food. 
Lupe and Luna got out for a walk but Luna decided she would rather lay down. Although frustrating for the walker, it's understandable. 
Tales from the Coop - Monday, December 7th 
Today was cleaning day! Each pen got scooped out. It's a hard job and takes a long time to do it well. A shovel and a bucket is used. After all the old leaves and other gross stuff gets scooped out then some "stall refresher" gets laid down so it smells nice for the animals and makes everything a bit cleaner. 
Some stumps in the goat pen were moved around to give them some new places to jump. 
We're trying something new with the chickens. The chickens love to give themselves dirt baths so some diatomaceous earth and ashes from a wood fireplace were laid down for them to use. We'll see if they like it! 
After a few hours of cleaning the pens are refreshed! 
Tales from the Coop - November 24th, 2020 
Thanksgiving at the coop! 
The chickens got a generous helping of mealworms and the goats got some graham crackers and a walk. 
Tales from the coop - November 9th 
When it starts snowing there are several things we have to do to make sure the animals stay warm and healthy...
-They get new bedding - pine shavings - where they sleep at night to add extra warmth. 
- I steamed some greens (tops of radishes and cabbage) and gave it to the chickens as a tasty and warm treat. 
- All the animals love drinking warm water on a cold day so I brought a jug of warm water to both pens. 
- The goats got lots of alfalfa and a walk! They actually really love walking in the snow and eating the wet leaves on the ground. 
Check out the pictures below to see how our animals do in the cold weather. 
Tales from the Coop - November 3rd 
Fall is always a fun time at the coop! 
All the animals love having leaves in their pens and they love eating pumpkins - seeds and all! 
One of our tender families brought the ladies some pumpkin this weekend. You can see they are very happy about it. 
The Coop is maintained by volunteers and students. 
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